Saturday, November 17, 2012

Grandpal's Day at SCE

As we approached the week off for the Thanksgiving holiday, we spent most of the week battling the flu.  Preston started with symptoms on Monday, and Bennett followed suit on Tuesday.  We started medicine on Wednesday, and their temperatures finally started to subside on Thursday.  Unfortunately, they both still had awful coughs with lots of chest congestion.  But since Bennett missed her Thanksgiving play on Thursday, she really wanted to attend Grandpal's Day on Friday.

Thankfully, her grade was first at 8:30, so I allowed her to attend school.  Mimi and Papa were excited to get a tour of SCE and view some of her artwork.  Following her special time with them, we checked her out of school for a surprise long weekend.

Here are some photos (remember, she was still sick, so cut her some slack for the lack of emotion).
Pointing to her Indian name

One of Bennett's masterpieces
Her other art piece

Standing in front of one of her paintings (the middle one)
With Ms. Greer
Bennett and Caroline

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