Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Bob's Mischievous Ways

Just a glimpse into Bob the Elf's mischievous ways this Christmas season.  He has been quite the prankster this year, getting himself into trouble, and causing a few problems around the house.  The kids have enjoyed him though, and always have a race to find him each morning.  The photos aren't in order, but here is what Bob was up to the past month at our house...

In a jam
Helping feed Spencer
Catching up on some sleep
Roll Tide!!  SEC Champs!
Wishing the kids fun the morning we left for Disney!
Hosting a tea party for friends
Kids couldn't believe he found us in Orlando!
Bubble Bath!
Bath time!
Hanging out with some new friends at Disney
Just a little midnight snack...
Posing for a photo, and getting an autograph with Mickey!
Bob drank too much punch!
Making friends with Rapunzel & Cinderella
Snowball Fight!!
Bob's Bootcamp!!
Recovering from the flu
Eating some cookie dough
Snow Angel
Hanging around
Naughty Bob! (thank goodness he cleans up after himself)
Fireman Bob Sliding Down!
Welcoming the kids home after a weekend away
Catching up on some Christmas books
Tee-peeing the living room
Getting a clean shave for the holidays
Playing dress-up

Bungee jumping!

Until next year Bob.....we'll miss you!!

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