Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Eve - 2012!

After starting Christmas Eve day early in the morning (thanks to Preston), my family went on lock down in the afternoon and took naps to prepare for all of the festivities of the evening.  As we always do, we attended the children's service at our church where the children dress up as characters from a nativity scene.  The kids shook things up this year, Bennett chose to be an angel, and Preston was a sheep.  After the short service, we went to the sanctuary to take communion as a family (always a special thing for me).

Following church we headed over to Steve's parents for dinner and family time.  It didn't take long for the kids to begin asking when they could begin opening presents though, and we couldn't keep them waiting too long.  Uncle Dan distributed his gift bags to the children first, which contained many items, among them where these elephant calls, as seen below (thanks Uncle Dan!).

The kids were told to take turns and help pass out gifts to others, which they did, but they were always anxious for their turn again.  They received so many wonderful items from their grandparents and cousins!

McKenna (along with all of her accessories)!

Styling (in their onesie PJs)!

Pres can't wait to use his sand digger in the sandbox and rock box
Mizerany grandkids with Uncle Dan
After a short few hours, Pres was begging to go home (he had been sick and still wasn't feeling well).  We hated to cut the night short, but we did.  As soon as we got home, the kids distributed the reindeer food to help guide Santa and his sleigh to our house.  In addition, Bennett hand-selected the cookies she wanted to leave for Santa.  They said their prayers, and the kids were dreaming of sugar plums in their heads in a short amount of time.  Meanwhile, Steve and I put out the remaining gifts, and got ready for the morning (if you know what I mean). 

What a fun night, but we had a whole other day of excitement to come!!  What would Santa bring them???

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