Sunday, December 2, 2012

SEC Champions....AGAIN!!!

Steve and I had the privilege of going to Atlanta to support Alabama in yet another SEC Championship game, and ultimately their 23rd win!  We drove over with our friends, Michael and Kadie Fry, and had a great time pre-partying.

It was an unseasonable warm day, especially for December 1st, so we enjoyed our afternoon outside.  Since we stayed in one general location, we ran into several friends.

Of course, this was a highly anticipated game!  Though Alabama was ranked #1 out of the gates, we quickly fell when we lost to A&M, and hopes of another national championship game were lost.  Thankfully, we were able to redeem ourselves, and like us...our competition lost some games.  As we approached the end of the season, we knew we would be fighting some tough players against the Georgia Bulldogs.

Sadly, the Mizeranys only got two tickets to the SEC game initially (which would go to Dan since he is the reason they have so many points anyway).   So though our room was booked and we were planning to go, we were not excited about paying inflated ticket prices through a ticket broker.
Thankfully, the week before the game, Myra received a call that she could have two tickets if she wanted them.  So, the chips fell into place last minute, and we had a wonderful weekend away!

To top it off, Alabama won!  It was a nail biter of a game, but the Tide pulled it off at the end of the game.  Now we're heading to yet another National Championship...


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