Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Looking Ahead to 2013

Reflecting back onto 2012, I have both positive and negative memories.  Of course, we have many more positive than negative, so that is a good thing.  Our lives have been very blessed, and we know it, but I do pray all of the loose ends in our lives are figured out in 2013.  To summarize a few of our many blessings....

We have our health, as do our children, our parents and all of our siblings and their families.  Huge praise for that!!

We also have two of the cutest kids on this earth!!  They are smart, funny and have quirks about them that make us laugh and get angry every day....but they are ours and we love them!

Steve and I have each other, and we feel lucky to have a fun and good marriage!  Also thankful we have wonderful parents with strong, long-lasting marriages that we hope to mirror.

We have wonderful friends (with great kids)!  We have old friends, we have new friends, and they are all awesome and hold special places in our hearts.  They have been there with us through the good, bad and ugly...and that is something that we are blessed to have.

Lastly, thankful that Steve has a great job that he enjoys, and it provides us many of the "extras" in life.  Not to mention, he had a very successful year, closing a huge deal that he worked on for almost the entire year!  So proud of his hard work that went into that, but happy that is behind us!

So, as you can see....we are lucky.  And unlike what the number "13" normally's hoping that 2013 rocks and brings even more blessings and fond memories into our lives!

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