Sunday, January 6, 2013

Monster Truck Show!

Once again, Steve and I have set goals for 2013.  One of our goals is to take one of the kids on a date each month.  Steve commenced by taking Preston to the monster truck show with a couple other dads and their boys this past weekend, and they had a ball!

They drove there together, found their seats, put their ear plugs in and watched the entertainment!  Pres got a kick out of the "Scooby Doo" truck, but he fell in love with "Grave Digger."  He came home so excited and told me all about all of the big trucks and how loud it was.

Evidently, the show had a lot of excitement with monster trucks, four wheelers and motorcyclists.  Steve mentioned that there were even two women drivers!  However, our little boy couldn't quite make it through the entire show.  With only 15 minutes left in the show, he just tuckered out.... regardless of the noise (those would be my genes pumping hard through those veins).  When the boy is tired, he can fall asleep wherever!

What a fun start to the year for my boys! 

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