Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year's Eve

Every year, we debate about what we are going to do for NYE.  Do we go out, stay in, entertain friends at our house?  Well after two years of entertaining at our house, we decided to try going out again.  We were feeling pretty noncommittal at the beginning of December when everyone started planning things, but we agreed to go have a nice dinner at Ocean with some friends (the Tanners, Kings and Passarellas).  So glad we agreed to join them, as our dinner was FABULOUS!  I literally cleaned my plate for each course of the meal.  We started with bread, melted butter and an avocado, tomato, feta, red onion dip, then fresh crab cakes, then a delicious salad that had fried feta cubes in it, then onto the main course where I ate a perfectly cooked fillet with a blue cheese sauce and pears on top, as well as some rosemary/thyme mashed potatoes.  Then for my dessert....white chocolate bread pudding!  I swear it was so stinking good!!  In addition, we all just had fun at dinner...sharing stories about our holidays, travel plans, football, etc.  When we finally looked at the time, we were shocked that 2.5 hours had gone by, and we had missed the whole first half of the concert!
Lauren and me
Daley and Courtney
Our handsome husbands

The girls at the concert: me, Lauren, Daley & Courtney

After dinner, everyone had planned to go see Black Jacket Symphony, which is a cover band.  They cover a wide variety of artists, but when they have a concert, they focus on just one at a time.  For NYE, they were doing a Police show.  Steve and I have never been huge Police fans, but we heard fabulous things about this band, and everyone we were out with was going, so we bought tickets too.  We should have followed our instincts and passed, as we didn't recognize the majority of the songs, and the show wasn't really that good.  With that said, we were with good company, so we made the most of it.
Miz, Jeremy and Brian

After the concert, we invited everyone back to our house for a nightcap.  Even our neighbors came over.  We all hung out for another hour or two, and then everyone started peeling off to go to bed.  Steve and I finally crawled into bed a little after 3:00.  

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