Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Riding Without Training Wheels

Pres on old bike
We have never had good circumstances for our children from a bike-riding perspective....a gravel driveway, no sidewalks, busier we have been forced to ride in the library parking lot.  Unfortunately it is not very flat, so Bennett has never enjoyed riding because she doesn't like to feel out of control.  Preston, on the other hand, has always enjoyed going as fast as he can down
the hills there.

However, things are changing for us...we now have great sidewalks and we are about to pave our driveway.  Since we have had mild weather, Preston has been asking to ride more often.  He has always loved his little spiderman bike (with 12 inch wheels), but Steve and I have thought about getting him a bigger bike too.  We decided to ultimately hold off on a new purchase until he can ride without training wheels. 

Preston's new bike!
After booking two beach trips in the coming months, where we all bike ride often for our transportation, he got motivated to learn to ride without training wheels.  So over the Christmas break, I decided to take on the challenge of teaching him.  We took them off, and went over to practice on a neighbor's driveway.  I was shocked when after 15 minutes of instruction, he just took off riding!  By that afternoon, he was riding in circles in the library lot.

Over the past several weeks, he has asked to go riding more often.  We ride all over our neighborhood (well, he rides and I run behind him).  You see, he hasn't been able to start by himself, so it made more sense for me to not be on a bike.  However, after spending the last two weekends bike riding at the park on all of the sidewalk trails, Steve thought he was ready for a bigger bike.  He took him to a local bike shop to see what they had Saturday, and Preston sampled a few of the bikes.  They had a great used bike that was the perfect size, but Pres eyed a brand new red bike that he really wanted (shocker, right?).

They ultimately left with nothing, and Pres was very upset with Steve.  So Steve did what any parent would do...blame it on the other parent! I tried to reason with Preston on our decision making, but he wasn't happy.  So, I suggested we go riding and he learn to start and stop himself, and then I would consider buying him a bike.  He taught himself at the park, and then asked to ride over to the store.  He is so stinking cute, so I couldn't resist.

Thankfully, he listened to his mommy's reasoning more than his Daddy's and agreed to get the used bike (thank goodness).  Since we left the bike shop, he has ridden his new bike daily....continually getting better!  Next job.....getting Bennett to follow suit!  30A paths here we come!!

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