Saturday, February 9, 2013

Spring T-Ball Here We Come!

We decided to take the plunge this spring and register Preston for two sports!  I know we will probably regret this (I mean he is only 4 years old), but I want to give him exposure to different sports.  We switched soccer leagues - moved him over to Homewood's league so he could play with kids his own age (instead of playing up a grade and being the youngest on the team).  He is looking forward to returning to soccer!

We also elected to introduce him to baseball, well t-ball for his age.  We hope he likes it, but we have no idea until we try.  When we were over at Brian's house today, and he heard Pres was going to play, he gave Preston Christian's old helmet and glove.  He was so excited to receive the new gear, he insisted on wearing it home.  Of course, in typical Preston fashion...he fell asleep on the way home so here is what entertained us on the ride:

He seriously was like a bobble head the whole way home, with his entire upper body lunging forward due to the weight of the helmet.  Then he would sit back up, and fall back down.  I literally was crying I was laughing so hard at the sight!  Just before we got home, he fell forward so quickly his helmet fell off (but he caught it and fell back to sleep).  If that is a sign of his eye-hand coordination, then he may be a stellar t-ball player!  It was truly complete entertainment!

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