Friday, March 15, 2013

And They Are Off to the Zoo!

This morning I accompanied Bennett on a field trip to the zoo with the rest of the kindergarten classes.  Though it was sunny, it started off as a VERY chilly day.  We didn't expect it to be as cold as it was, so we sought refuge in the various animal buildings.  Bennett and I were paired with Katharine, and the girls were asked to find various items for their scavenger hunt.

When we broke for lunch, the day was just starting to get warmer.  So we had a picnic with the rest of the class, and then went back in to see what else we could squeeze in before the bus left.

Henley, B, Caroline and Katharine
B & Kat checking out the new dino exhibit
They loved getting frightened by the hiding dinos
At the petting zoo
We're monkeys!
Attempt #4 of class photo
Though I have visited the zoo a hundred times, it was a special time hanging with just Bennett, and watching her interact with her classmates.  It is hard to believe my little girl is almost 6 years old and out of kindergarten (sniff, sniff).

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Chelsea said...

Looks like a fun day. I can't believe she has a "Henley" in her class. I have never heard that name before Henley Banta. Bennett is looking so much older in these pics. It's amazing how time flies, isn't it?