Sunday, March 10, 2013

Debut of T-Ball!

The day finally came when Preston had his first practice and t-ball game!  We went shopping earlier in the week to buy his pants, belt and practice t-shirt.  He was SO excited about the belt!  In fact, Thursday morning (at 5:45), he woke me up.  He was already in his baseball pants, but couldn't reach his belt which he insisted on wearing!  Funny kid....

Anyway, when Saturday morning came, he was very excited to wear his uniform!  However, as we were driving to the ballfields, he said "But I don't know how to play t-ball."  We all laughed and told him he will learn.  We hadn't practiced with him at all, so he knew nothing!  Thankfully the coach started out with them running the bases so they at least knew where they were supposed to go.  Then we did a little hitting, throwing and catching (which didn't go well for any of the kids).  After 30 minutes, they started a casual game with the orange team.

Listening to the coach for instruction
It didn't go far, but he made it to first base
Each child had a turn at bat, and Pres managed to connect both times (though neither went past the pitcher).  When they were in the outfield, every child was on the field (primarily the in-field).  Initially, the coach was standing at first and the other fathers were in the dugout with the kids, but it quickly became apparent that more hands were needed in the field.  Kids were staring into the sky, playing in the dirt and overall just afraid of the ball and unsure of they needed some positive reinforcement. 

The game was hilarious!  All of the kids were so cute in their uniforms, and everyone made at least one error.  When Pres was up to bat for the second time, he carried the bat with him all the way to first base (that was a common one with the kids).  There was one kid on the other team who hit the ball, ran up and got it (before anyone on our team could), then threw it to first base and got himself out!  It was so much worse than the bad news bears....just comical!

Getting some help from Daddy
However, all of the kids had a blast!  Pres has several friends on the team, so that always makes it better.  In fact, after the game the coach offered to stay and practice with whoever wanted to stay.  It ended up only being the coach's son, Pres and his two buddies.  They each hit the ball 20 times in a row and then fielded the balls when they weren't at bat.

Following the game, Steve bought Pres a good tee, 10 balls and a glove for himself so they could practice in the yard.  I was happy he did it because he worked with Preston for an hour this morning!  Hopefully Pres will really grow to enjoy it, and will improve drastically over the next couple of months.  They are off for two weeks due to Spring Break, but then we are back at it until school ends.

Mimi and Papa came to watch his first game!

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