Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Weekend Recap

All of the kiddos
This Easter we decided to host an egg hunt with several of our friends and their children.  Everyone brought a dozen stuffed eggs to hide, and then we let the kids loose in our backyard.  Two of the older kids (Lily and Landon) helped me hide the eggs, and then we allowed the other 11 kids to hunt in the yard.  Steve was worried they would push each other down the stairs at the beginning, so we made everyone come down the steps before they actually started.  With over 150 eggs hidden, I was shocked to have the entire race over in less than 5 minutes!

And they are off!
The kids were racing all over the yard, comparing eggs and eating some of the goods along the way.  When things started to slow down, the "hiders" started walking around helping them find the harder ones.  Once all of the eggs were gathered, they all convened to barter and show off their goods.  Shortly thereafter the kids ate dinner, and the adults continued to hang out while nibbling on appetizers.  It was a successful first (soon to be annual) egg hunt!

Racing to find the "Golden Egg"

Enjoying their popcorn, refusing to open their eyes for me!

After a late night with friends, we continued the Easter traditions and dyed eggs with the kids Saturday morning.  Each child had a dozen, and we had everything ready for them to work.  They started off with plain, solid eggs, but advanced to two-tone ones, and tie-dye eggs (made by using a little olive oil in the dye).  The kids had a blast, and it took about an hour to complete (SCORE)!

Pres showing off a tye-dye egg
After a busy afternoon of birthday parties, we met up with Brian and Shannon for a tasty dinner and a little fun at their house.  It has been way too long since we had all gotten together, so everyone had a blast together.
The 5 Banta grandkids
On Easter morning, we finished up our long holiday weekend by having a lazy morning, and then heading to church to celebrate the day Jesus rose!  Though it had been a rainy night and early morning, the rain stopped by late morning so we could continue the tradition of placing a flower on the cross and getting our photo taken.  Afterward, we gorged ourselves with all of Steve's family at his parent's house.  What a fantastic weekend with our friends and family!

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