Friday, March 1, 2013

New Yard & Driveway!

"Before" driveway and landscaping
Steve and I have several projects that we want to tackle for the new year, and we are thrilled that we have two of those behind us!  Our latest job was to completely re-landscape our front yard. 

My biggest complaint about this house since we bought it was the pea gravel driveway.  Those darn rocks were everywhere!!  In our cars, stuck in the grooves of our shoes (which then scratched our floors), and in Preston's pant pockets (which then ended up in our washing machine).  I can't believe we lasted over 5 years with it!  One of Steve's biggest peeves was the way the front yard was landscaped.  He hated how bushes weren't planted in a straight line, and how the azaleas just circled one of the trees.

"Before" front
So after meeting with several landscape companies and having plans drawn, we finally pulled the trigger! Unfortunately, we picked our rainy season to begin, so we kept getting postponed.

Our muddy front with some forming

1st Concrete Truck Arrives!

Love their handprints!!
Driveway is finally concrete, YES!
Saw cut apron and border

So after several days of working in between rain, the big stuff was finished!  Then the irrigation system went in and the forming was removed.  We waited for more rain to pass, and then we got started on the grading.  When we were ready for more top soil, none was to be found.  We had to postpone another day until Fletcher (the owner of Curb Appeal, Inc) came up with the plan to mix some top soil (he finally found a little) with sand and compost.  It cost a little more and required more labor to hand mix it all together, but they ate the fee and it worked out great.

New mortar rub on retaining wall, and reshaped at front
Then it was time for the shrubs and trees to be planted!!  While Steve was at work, I acted as project manager (and I must say it was quite fun)!  I even got to run the skid steer with the auger on it to dig one of the holes for the trees.  After an entire day of digging and measuring, we got all of the trees in the ground (5 in total) and all of the shrubs positioned.  Since the sod was so wet from all of the rain, they couldn't cut it right away. 
Completed, side view

Love the copper light fixtures!
So we took another day off, and then Curb Appeal arrived bright and early today to touch up some of the irrigation issues, plant all of the shrubs, finish the mortar rub on the retaining wall, lay the sod, spread the pine straw and install all of the lighting!  At 6:30 PM, we had the initial lighting of the house!  I was as excited as a 4 year old at Disney when they light the castle for the first time!  It was just awesome, and I couldn't be more pleased with the finished product!


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