Friday, March 8, 2013

Preston's Derby Race

Every year the three year old class at Preston's school does a Derby Day where the daddy is supposed to create a "race car" for their child. After discussing options with Pres, he decided on Lightening McQueen. He is the star of the movie "Cars," and Pres just loves all of those movies!

The school provides a page with a couple of photos on how to make it easy for the kids to run while carrying a box.  We didn't adhere to it that much when we made Bennett's car a couple of years ago, and she did have a few problems.  So we definitely stuck to their suggestions of using a computer paper box this time.  Steve brought a couple of empty ones home from work, and then brainstormed about how he wanted to make it.  Pres and I were in charge of buying some spray paint.  Since cardboard absorbs so much paint, we bought primer this time...which made the red paint that Pres chose look MUCH better.

A couple of days passed, but then Steve came home with tons of colorful pages that he printed.  He began cutting them out, and I realized that they were exact replicas of Lightening McQueen's decals.  After gluing them on, the car was really taking shape.  Steve said it needed the spoiler too, so he cut out some more cardboard and shaped it up before attaching.  When he finally finished, we were all thrilled!  It was just darling, and fit Pres perfectly.

Race day was a success, as Pres was ready to run "super fast" and really only competed with one friend in his class.  The other kids either didn't have any interest in winning, or couldn't because their cars were too big, so there wasn't much competition.  Pres and his buddy, Banks, were side by side racing the whole time....just smiling.

Look at that cute boy and car!

Pres with Ms Ginny
Pres and his proud Daddy
Pres and Banks
I hate that Steve had to work so hard to make the car, all for a 2 minute race.  But it made Preston happy, and the car received a lot of compliments! 

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Chelsea said...

WOW!! What a car!! I'm sure it was the best one there!