Friday, March 29, 2013

Spring Break-Rosemary Beach

Caroline, B & Pres on the beach
This year is dedicated to trying new things, and one of those is staying somewhere differently when we visit the beach.  Therefore, we decided to book all three of our beach trips on the Rosemary Beach side of 30A.  Though Spring Break is always a hit or miss weather-wise, we decided to risk it and go for the week.  Several of our friends were going down too, so at least we would have built in entertainment.  We found a great 3 bedroom condo, and booked it with the Criggers.

We left bright and early on Saturday, and arrived just after noon.  We quickly unpacked and headed straight to the beach to enjoy the beautiful day.  The ocean was a frigid 60 degrees, so we didn't expect anyone to get in, but the kids all frolicked in the surf.  However, after several hours, the kids were anxious to try out the heated pool.

That night Steve and I cooked dinner for everyone (17 people).  The kids had fun playing together, and we had fun planning the week!

The following day was my favorite holiday: St Patrick's Day!  We all awoke bright and early, but Pres and I decided to go for an early morning bike ride to the donut truck to get breakfast for everyone!  After breakfast, Steve and Pres played a little baseball in the cul-de-sac.  Since he has started t-ball, he has really enjoyed learning the sport.  Therefore, this ended up being a fun activity that he and his daddy did on this trip.

We enjoyed the day in style, and ended it with all of the kids at the Sugar Shak (an overpriced candy/ice cream store in Rosemary Beach that is  MUST DO for every kid and teenager).  It was absolute heaven for my two sweet tooths!
St Patty's Day!

Our Sugar Shak Sweeties!

William burying Pres
Queen B
Our pumpkins cuddling to stay warm

Carson, P, Mary Ellis, B and Caroline at Alys Beach

After a couple of days we had created our routine: get up and enjoy our coffee, do a quick work-out, go on a bike ride with the kids (which sometimes included a lesson with B on two wheels), stop off at Alys Beach playground so the kids can burn off energy while the temperatures got warmer, and then head to the beach and/or pool.  However, mid week we decided to switch it up a little.  That morning, we rode bikes to Alys Beach and did the nature trail with the kids.  Shanon had the bright idea of having a scavenger hunt, so all of the kids actually enjoyed the walk since they were so busy looking for items!  It was sunny and warm on the walk, but by the time we got back to our villa it started getting cloudy and cool, and we were all hungry.  We decided this would be the perfect day to drive to Panama City Beach's Dusty's for some of the best food I had that week!  Pres fell asleep on the way, and continued to sleep while I held him for the first hour and a half.  I finally woke him up when my food arrived.  The girls did great, coloring and playing on their itouches.  Shockingly, we were able to really enjoy ourselves for several hours with no unhappy children.   
When we got back, the kids were itching to go swimming, so the guys took them to the pool while Christie and I started getting ready for our only night out without children.  We had several Homewood Middle School students babysit the kiddos so we could dine at V in Seagrove.  After a delish dinner AND dessert, we came back to our villa so we could release the girls.  We all hung out a couple more hours, chit-chatting and telling stories.  It ended up being our latest night by a long stretch!

The last couple of days were spent doing more of the same!  Except for Thursday, where we finally managed to make it a beach afternoon and watch the sunset.  We played in the sand and surf all afternoon, and then went home for warmer clothes so we could watch the sunset and play wiffle ball on the beach.  It was such a fun day!

Kids at Alys Beach playground

Pres hanging out in his tunnel
Sunsets at the beach are the best!
On our last day there, we treated the kids to the donut truck for the third time.  After playing some at the playground, the girls broke off to get a jump start on packing, and boys went for another bike ride.  By midday, it was still a cool day due to the wind. We ultimately decided to not even put bathing suits on, and instead opted for play clothes so the kids could be comfortable, yet warm while on the beach.  We built more castles, listened to fun music and just hung out all together.

All of the girls!
Pres representing Homewood!

All and all, it was another wonderful beach trip with another set of great memories!  We are already looking forward to our next visit!

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