Monday, April 15, 2013

Nothing Wrong with a Little Spoiling

While Steve and I were able to sneak away last weekend, the kids stayed back with my folks.  They had a busy weekend, but Nene and Poppy had everything under control!  Their first day was supposed to include Girl Scouts for Bennett and soccer for Preston, but both were cancelled due to "inclement weather."  In fact, all of the local schools were let out of school two hours early in anticipation of the storm.  Thankfully though the rain and wind weren't too bad, and the kids just had more fun time with their

Once Bennett got home, they all went to the park to burn off some energy.  Then dinner, dessertS (yes that is plural, because my parents think spoiling them is just fine).  Friday, Bennett went off to school like normal, and they escorted Preston on his year-end field trip to the Homewood Park.  There they played on the playground, got tattoos, and had a picnic lunch.  That night they all went out for Mexican food!

Saturday was a busy day with three baseball games: Henley, Preston and Christian's!  Then they took the four oldest grandchildren out to dinner at Johnny Rockets! Afterward they went back to Brian and Shannon's house to play.  Evidently they had a ball together!

Sunday morning ended up being more of a lazy day in preparation for our return.  They just played dress up around the house and watched TV.  Of course their responsibilities didn't end with just caring for Pres and Bennett....our four-legged son needed some love and attention too.  Spencer did great since he just adores my parents, especially my father.  They took short walks, went outside often and had lots of treats!

As always, it is so nice to go out of town and know that our children are well taken care of and loved.  We don't have to worry at all and can really enjoy ourselves!  Thanks to my folks for taking on the responsibility this time!


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