Saturday, April 27, 2013

Perfect Camping Weather

Bennett was invited to her first birthday party sleepover on Friday night, so we asked Preston what he would like to do.  Without even thinking about it, he answered "let's go camping!"  I loved the idea, but was hesitant to go too far because this was B's first sleepover, and I wasn't sure if she would make it.  So I pitched the idea of camping in the backyard.

Preston didn't like the idea at all, and claimed that wasn't camping.  Secretly, I totally agreed with the kid, but it is nice to be close to flushable toilets and wireless internet. I asked him why he wasn't happy, and he said "because we can't have a fire, and I want s'mores."  Well, that was an easy fix!  I just explained that we would make a fire in the chiminea and roast marshmallows there.  He instantly changed his tune and was super excited!

resting in the tent
All week he talked about camping in the backyard, so when he came home from school on Friday...he was ready!  I asked him to help me set up the tent, and he was a great little helper.  He was amazed at how it just popped up.  After it was up, he got out his baseball stuff and practiced hitting balls for an hour, with occasional "rests" in the tent.

When dinner approached, we walked Bennett over to Caroline Crigger's house for the big spa themed birthday party. After she was settled, we got on our bikes and road into Edgewood for a little Mexican. After we got home, Steve started a fire and Pres and I got all of the s'mores stuff ready. We roasted some marshmallows, and then settled into our chairs and listened to some music. It was a beautiful evening, and we were having a blast together.
Steve showing P the technique to roasting
Perfect marshmallows!
Yummy S'More!!
I love this boy!

Then all of a sudden, Bennett and Caroline Tanner walked into the yard.  We asked if everything was okay, and B proceeded to tell us that she had a stomach ache.  She said she didn't want to bail on the party yet, but unfortunately, I didn't know what to tell her to do.  So we snapped a quick picture of the girls and they headed back.  Not 30 minutes later, Jeremy carried Bennett home after she threw up!  Steve went over to collect her belongings and I tried to assess the situation.  She said she felt a little better, and asked to sleep in the tent with Preston.

We grabbed her sleeping bag, and all tried to get settled in there.  But within 15 minutes she was complaining about the relay for life PA system at Homewood Park, and asked to go back inside. Steve happily agreed to take her in, as he isn't much for camping anyway. Preston quickly fell asleep, and I wasn't far behind (it was hard to fight it when I was exhausted, the temperature was perfect and the crickets were chirping).

Raising the roof...dancing
My two boys

Pres passed out around 9:15
Unfortunately, I awoke about an hour and a half later to Preston having a major coughing attack.  He was coughing in his sleep, but I could tell his breathing was labored and he couldn't quite get a breath.  After listening to him cough for 15 minutes, I pulled the plug and carried him inside.  He went to the bathroom, drank some water and asked to go back outside.  I insisted that he sleep inside, and he was pretty bummed.  I told a slight fib and told him he made it almost all night, but the sun wasn't quite up yet.  So he reluctantly agreed to sleep in his bed for the remainder of the night.

However, we couldn't be as lucky with Bennett, as she was throwing up.  While we were sleeping in the tent, she threw up a couple times, took a shower and brushed her teeth.  Unfortunately it continued all night, with her getting up at least once an hour.  She had a rough night (and me too since I slept with her once we came inside).

Thankfully Christie brought over some zofran (anti-nausea medicine) this morning.  I have my fingers crossed, but so far she is holding down some water.  We are worried about her getting dehydrated since she couldn't keep anything down all night, but maybe this will do the trick.  Pres and Steve are off at t-ball, and Bennett and I are lounging in our PJs.  So much for going to another crawfish boil today....looks like we will be relaxing at home.

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