Friday, May 24, 2013

Kindergarten is OVER!

We made it through the first year of public wasn't always easy, but summer is here and we are all happy!  The year started off with girl drama and some school challenges, but by the end of the year, Bennett had lots of friends, learned to read, can do simple addition and did a lot of growing up!  The last week of school was a fun one, with Spirit Day on Monday, birthday celebration on Tuesday, a picnic and awards ceremony on Wednesday, and then the last day of school yesterday followed by ice cream with our carpool friends. 

Since Bennett's birthday fell on the last day of school, which is pretty chaotic, Mrs. Greer suggested that I come in on Tuesday.  I arrived Tuesday morning to read a couple of birthday books to her class.  I love this special time, all of the kids are so cute and excited for any parent to come in.  They all sit Indian style on a rug and gather around me (I feel like Mary Poppins).  Bennett wore her special birthday hat that Mrs. Greer gives each child, and got to sit front and center.  Preston tagged along, and had fun sitting on the carpet with all the "big kids."  I later came back for lunch with the birthday girl, which is the tradition for the parents.

Wednesday, I was back at the school for another lunch (my third time that week), and then the awards ceremony.  Each kindergarten class had their own, and it is the teacher's discretion to come up and award each student with a little award.  It was cute, and I loved how the students started shouting out their guesses as it went on.  Mrs. Greer was very creative, hitting on all types of talents of various kids, but I was most proud of Bennett's award of "Hardest Worker."

ABC's of Kindergarten
They were all acting silly
We all love Mrs. Greer

Thursday, May 23rd, was Bennett's birthday.  Unfortunately, she woke up on the wrong side of the bed, and the day didn't start off well.  Though she awoke to balloons on the coveted middle stool, and birthday cards and presents from us....she wasn't a happy camper.  The fact that she only opened gifts that were clothes didn't help.  But even when we told the kids that they were also getting a trampoline after we go back from the beach, that didn't make things better.  She still cried and was in a bad mood, which put us all in bad moods too (happy summer).  Fortunately, I was able to get one photo of her smiling before I dropped her off for her last day of school.

After school, she was in a better mood...probably cause she knew we were out for ice cream with our carpool buddies.  I think everyone in Homewood had the same idea, as Edgewood was slammed with kiddos getting ice cream, icees, and just walking around.  The lines were long, but quick, so it worked out perfectly.
Last Day of Kindergarten!
B, Ella Serotsky and Harper King

Now that school is over, we are starting off our summer right!  Headed back to the beach before all of the kid's camps start!  We have a fun, busy summer planned, so here's to no drama and lots of memories!!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Happy 6th Birthday Bennett!!!

Bennett, 3 days old
Happy 6th Birthday Bennett!!  These first several years have flown by, and you are growing up to become such a caring, smart and funny little girl.  You have made it through your first official year of school, have learned to read, know simple addition and are becoming quite the sassy little thing!

We can't wait to see what this next year brings us, and how you will grow.  We love you so much B!

6 years old!

birthday interview we gave B on her bday

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Inaugural Spirit Day!

B and Katharine
With the school year wrapping up, Shades Cahaba Elementary celebrates the pending summer break like many other schools...with a spirit day!  SCE has each class rotate through the school hitting a variety of activities, including a picnic lunch.  Parents were invited to attend any of the day, so I came for lunch and the afternoon field activities.

It was a hot afternoon, but the kids didn't complain and had so much fun competing in tug-o-wars, relay races, scavenger hunts, and much more!  I was happy to cheer on Bennett's class, and spend time with her on such a fun day!  Here are some photos of her competing during the challenges.
Mrs. Greer's class

Cooling off with a popsicle
she did awesome with hula-hooping

All smiles!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Bennett's 6th Birthday Bash!

Since Bennett's birthday falls on the last day of school, and we leave for vacation the following day for 8 days, we decided to have her birthday the week before.  We went back and forth with various options.  Bennett was quite flexible, but we ended up settling on a pool party at the Shades Valley YMCA so boys and girls could attend.  They have just completed a multi-million dollar renovation, complete with two slides and a splash pad area. 

The birthday girl!
I tried to be creative (thank you pinterest) by sending out mini beach balls with the party info written onto the ball for the invitations.  Then we had her favorite chocolate birthday cake decorated like a pool with a slide and large beach ball on it.  Finally, we ended by giving a swim noodle and freezer pop as a favor to each of the kids.  Though mother nature didn't cooperate like we hoped, it was sprinkling and cooler, the pool was heated and the kids all seemed to have fun splashing around.  After an hour of swimming, there was a crash of thunder, so we were forced to clear out, dry off and go inside to eat dinner.  It was perfect timing really because Bennett was complaining of being hungry.

Steve with the kids
Caroline, Mary Case and Katharine

Once everyone got dried off, we enjoyed some pizza and goldfish crackers.  When their bellies were full, we sang "Happy Birthday" to my baby girl.  After the cake and ice cream, it was 7:30 and time to wrap up the party.  Bennett and Henley concocted a plan to stay together for the night, so we headed home with a car load of presents and one extra kid.

Bennett was super excited to open her gifts, so she tore into them when we got home.  Then she and Henley decided which one they would play with first.  Several days later, she is still making her way through the new loot she got from her grandparents, cousins and friends.  She received clothes, an American Girl horse, barbies, make-up, a lego set, several games and several art/jewelry sets.  She hasn't received our gifts yet, but she has cashed in on everyone else's and is over the moon thrilled with all of it!  Here are some photos to capture the fun had at her 6th birthday party!

Making a wish!
One photo of me with my baby girl

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day to Me!

Today I had my best mother's day yet!  I was able to sleep in until 8:00, and then be awakened by my two sweet kiddos with kisses, cards and gifts (thanks to their teachers and Steve).  I received priceless homemade gifts, three boxes of my favorite candy - milk duds, two pedicures at my favorite salon, and as always...the most appropriate store bought cards, thanks to Steve.  The card from Pres was one of the singing ones with a dancing hamster, which is so appropriate because Pres loves to sing and dance.  But the best one was from Bennett! On the front it says "I raise a glass to you Mom" and on the inside..."but not over the carpet, only over the counter.  Are you proud?"  I mean really....that card was written FOR ME!

My celebration began Friday at Preston's school when I was asked to join him for a "Mother's Day Tea" where we dined on cookies, fruit and lemonade.  At the party, Pres presented me with all of his homemade goodies.


Following my special wake-up, Steve cooked me breakfast (my favorite as Bennett mentioned... bacon and eggs).  Then we all went to church, before enjoying a delightful lunch at Brio with Myra and Louis.  It was a gorgeous day, so after we got home, we immediately got on our bikes and went riding around neighborhood.  After an afternoon snack at Steel City Pops, we headed home to feed Spencer dinner.  Who knew we would be out riding for several hours?!
What a wonderful, relaxing day.  I was with those that I love most all hubby and the two blessings that God chose to give to us.  Happy Mother's Day to me!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Girls Scouts and T-Ball Come to an End!

As the school year wraps up, so do all activities!  Choir ended a couple weeks ago, soccer last week, girl scouts on Friday, and t-ball today. has been a busy spring for the kids!  Here are some photos from the past week.

The Girl Scout Year-End Party and Awards Ceremony was a fun afternoon!  Since our brand new little troop sold a ridiculous amount of cookies, our troop was able to make a $1000 profit!  The girls decided they wanted a fun party to celebrate, and since our troop is splitting...we blew it all!  Friday after school, all of the girl scouts and their siblings were invited to the Homewood Park to enjoy jumping on the largest inflatable I have ever seen, as well as one of those tall, double slides.  After an hour of jumping, the kids were excited when Yogurt Mountain came with frozen yogurt cups and a topping bar!

Batch, Luke and Pres (happy little brothers)
Awards Ceremony
Congrats to my little Daisy Scout!

This morning Pres played his final t-ball game of his first season.  He made remarkable improvements over the course of the season, and we are all sad to end the season, as it has been fun to watch the little team play each Saturday morning.  Steve ended up being the assistant coach, and loved every minute too.  He has a lot of patience, and understands the game, so it was the perfect combination.  Over the course of the season, all of our family has come to watch him (THANK YOU), and he so appreciated the love and attention.

Before batting
line drive down the middle!
baseball cupcakes!
Pres with his cousins
Preston with Uncle Dan
Preston's fan club at the last game
Another trophy to add to his stash
Pres with the Asst Coach and his biggest fan!
We are so proud of our two little blessings and all of their accomplishments!  We love you!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Spring Soccer is OVER!

After Preston's third season of playing soccer, it really started to click this year.  Unfortunately, with the shortened season due to several rain outs, he was unable to really master it.  However, his last two games he rocked it, scoring three goals at each game.  He really hustled down the field and was more assertive.  It was a fun year, playing on a team with three of his buddies. 
Showing off their medals
practicing before the game
Going after that ball!
Getting one of his goals!
"I got three goals!"

Preston's Team

When we ask him what he likes better, t-ball or soccer...he says "I like both since I get snacks."  But then he reluctantly states that he likes t-ball better because he likes hitting the ball.  We will see if he feels the same way in the Fall because no more Spring soccer for Pres due to the busy 3 day a week t-ball schedule for 5 year olds.  One sport down, another to go.....