Sunday, May 19, 2013

Bennett's 6th Birthday Bash!

Since Bennett's birthday falls on the last day of school, and we leave for vacation the following day for 8 days, we decided to have her birthday the week before.  We went back and forth with various options.  Bennett was quite flexible, but we ended up settling on a pool party at the Shades Valley YMCA so boys and girls could attend.  They have just completed a multi-million dollar renovation, complete with two slides and a splash pad area. 

The birthday girl!
I tried to be creative (thank you pinterest) by sending out mini beach balls with the party info written onto the ball for the invitations.  Then we had her favorite chocolate birthday cake decorated like a pool with a slide and large beach ball on it.  Finally, we ended by giving a swim noodle and freezer pop as a favor to each of the kids.  Though mother nature didn't cooperate like we hoped, it was sprinkling and cooler, the pool was heated and the kids all seemed to have fun splashing around.  After an hour of swimming, there was a crash of thunder, so we were forced to clear out, dry off and go inside to eat dinner.  It was perfect timing really because Bennett was complaining of being hungry.

Steve with the kids
Caroline, Mary Case and Katharine

Once everyone got dried off, we enjoyed some pizza and goldfish crackers.  When their bellies were full, we sang "Happy Birthday" to my baby girl.  After the cake and ice cream, it was 7:30 and time to wrap up the party.  Bennett and Henley concocted a plan to stay together for the night, so we headed home with a car load of presents and one extra kid.

Bennett was super excited to open her gifts, so she tore into them when we got home.  Then she and Henley decided which one they would play with first.  Several days later, she is still making her way through the new loot she got from her grandparents, cousins and friends.  She received clothes, an American Girl horse, barbies, make-up, a lego set, several games and several art/jewelry sets.  She hasn't received our gifts yet, but she has cashed in on everyone else's and is over the moon thrilled with all of it!  Here are some photos to capture the fun had at her 6th birthday party!

Making a wish!
One photo of me with my baby girl

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