Saturday, May 11, 2013

Girls Scouts and T-Ball Come to an End!

As the school year wraps up, so do all activities!  Choir ended a couple weeks ago, soccer last week, girl scouts on Friday, and t-ball today. has been a busy spring for the kids!  Here are some photos from the past week.

The Girl Scout Year-End Party and Awards Ceremony was a fun afternoon!  Since our brand new little troop sold a ridiculous amount of cookies, our troop was able to make a $1000 profit!  The girls decided they wanted a fun party to celebrate, and since our troop is splitting...we blew it all!  Friday after school, all of the girl scouts and their siblings were invited to the Homewood Park to enjoy jumping on the largest inflatable I have ever seen, as well as one of those tall, double slides.  After an hour of jumping, the kids were excited when Yogurt Mountain came with frozen yogurt cups and a topping bar!

Batch, Luke and Pres (happy little brothers)
Awards Ceremony
Congrats to my little Daisy Scout!

This morning Pres played his final t-ball game of his first season.  He made remarkable improvements over the course of the season, and we are all sad to end the season, as it has been fun to watch the little team play each Saturday morning.  Steve ended up being the assistant coach, and loved every minute too.  He has a lot of patience, and understands the game, so it was the perfect combination.  Over the course of the season, all of our family has come to watch him (THANK YOU), and he so appreciated the love and attention.

Before batting
line drive down the middle!
baseball cupcakes!
Pres with his cousins
Preston with Uncle Dan
Preston's fan club at the last game
Another trophy to add to his stash
Pres with the Asst Coach and his biggest fan!
We are so proud of our two little blessings and all of their accomplishments!  We love you!

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