Thursday, May 2, 2013

Kindergarten Musical

This morning was the kindergarten musical.  Bennett (along with the other children) have been practicing the songs and moves for the past couple of months.  However, it wasn't until this week that she started telling me about it and showing some of her dance moves.  I knew she was excited, so I was too!

Bennett is in the front row with purple apron on right
With Steve out of town, I tried to be prepared....charge camera (check), charge camcorder (check), get there early to secure good seats (check).  However, once I got settled in the FRONT ROW (yes I was that early), I realized I didn't have the SD card for my camera (wa, wa, waaaaa).  Then as I was recording, only halfway through, and not to Bennett's class yet, I realized the camcorder was almost full and was about to shut off (wa, wa, waaaaa).  So I had to get out my cell phone and record the rest of the show on it, breaking up my recording of the musical which I wanted to show Steve (wa, wa, waaaaa).  Needless to say, I wasn't prepared at all, and was livid with myself!

Regardless of my technical mistakes, Bennett did great and the show was just adorable!  "Hats" off to her music teacher, Mrs. Coker, for doing such a great job.  Coincidentally, the name of the musical was "Hats," and each class wore a different type of hat and sang a song that coordinated.   Bennett's class by far had the cutest song: Pizza Love, and they all wore chef hats and had little Italian mustaches painted on their faces.  See for yourself (Bennett is in the front row on the left side):


Afterward, the kids were able to come out to the crowd to greet their parents, grandparents, etc. 

Alicia, Bennett and Pres
Bennett and Pres (he winked at her while she was performing)
So proud of my little "chef"
Mimi and Papa came to watch her performance too!

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