Sunday, May 5, 2013

Spring Soccer is OVER!

After Preston's third season of playing soccer, it really started to click this year.  Unfortunately, with the shortened season due to several rain outs, he was unable to really master it.  However, his last two games he rocked it, scoring three goals at each game.  He really hustled down the field and was more assertive.  It was a fun year, playing on a team with three of his buddies. 
Showing off their medals
practicing before the game
Going after that ball!
Getting one of his goals!
"I got three goals!"

Preston's Team

When we ask him what he likes better, t-ball or soccer...he says "I like both since I get snacks."  But then he reluctantly states that he likes t-ball better because he likes hitting the ball.  We will see if he feels the same way in the Fall because no more Spring soccer for Pres due to the busy 3 day a week t-ball schedule for 5 year olds.  One sport down, another to go.....

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