Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Summer Kick-Off!!

School ended on May 23rd, and we decided to head south to the beach on Friday morning, May 24th for eight glorious days.  We rented the same house that we stayed in for spring break and got up early so we could arrive by 1pm.  Everything went smoothly, and we were able to hit the beach by 2pm.  The ocean was very calm, and the kids were in the water almost instantly!  The Jarmons came down with us for the weekend, and the kids had a blast together!  We stayed on the beach until sunset and then enjoyed a delicious shrimp boil for our first meal.

1st Night with Jarmons (look at that huge moon)

Mary Ellis, Pres, B and Carson
Napping on the beach!
Day two, we were slow moving.  When we finally got on our bikes and headed towards the donut truck, they were shockingly sold out by 9am!  What I found so kind though, is that the owner was outside handing out "get 2 free donuts" cards to everyone in line that missed out.  Kids hit the park though, and weren't disappointed.  We snuck in another full day at the beach, and then Brian Jarmon made his infamous crab cakes. 

On our third day, we got up early enough to have luck with donuts, then we continued our morning bike ride, and hit the beach again early.  Both kids napped on the beach (at our suggestion), so they could hang for our nighttime activities...a bonfire on the beach with neighborhood friends.  Memorial Day week is always a busy time, but we had no idea how many of our Homewood friends would be staying in our same neighborhood this week.  We all decided to go in on a bonfire.  It was an absolutely perfect night!  We roasted marshmallows for s'mores, went crabbing, watched the fireworks that Alys Beach put on, and danced on the beach until 11pm.  Everyone had a ball!!
My boys
Pres and William showing us their dance moves
Tanners, us and Jarmons
Sadly the Jarmons had to leave on Monday, but we were able to enjoy a full day of just us (and the Tanners and Bembrys down the street).  We had a wonderful day, and ate at Edward's in Rosemary that night for dinner.  It was another perfect night, so we sat out on their patio.  The kids were awesome, and just enthralled with the man singing and playing guitar. We rewarded them with ice cream from the Sugar Shak! 

Pres, Will, B, Maddie, MC, Sofie, Caroline, Sara Francis & Maddie
The next day, we all rode to the donut truck (again) for Mary Case's birthday.  Then we headed to Alys Beach's park for a little unwinding before the beach. We spent the rest day frolicking on the beach.  Then mid day, Mary Michael and her crew arrived.  Sadly when she arrived, Steve had to return to Birmingham for a meeting, so I was solo with the kids that night.  Fortunately, we had plans, the Tanners organized a pizza party on MC's behalf.  We all dined at the Bembry's place and then rode bikes into Rosemary for their summer kick-off party.  Since we had so many children, we all took a few and started standing in lines for the activities: tattoos, hair painting, silly photos, limbo dancing, etc.  The party only lasted two hours, but we packed it in and then headed home for an early night.

Pres and William laughing about something
My crew before getting anything done!
The girls after their face painting
The boys showing off their air brushed tattoos
The gang before we left
Precious Lucy
By Wednesday, we were in full swing of our routine, so I decided to change it up and pack up the kids and head to Watersound to visit Brian and Shannon and their crew.  The kids were super excited to see their cousins so they happily agreed.  Unfortunately, the winds were picking up, and the beach wasn't very pleasant.  So after an hour or so, we packed up and went back to their pool.  The cousins had a ball hanging out together, and I enjoyed visiting with everyone.  By late afternoon, I made the kids get in the car and go back to our place to shower so we could meet Steve for dinner.  He was almost back in town, so we decided to meet in PCB at one of our favorite oyster restaurants...Dusty's!  The kids fell asleep on the short drive there, but quickly awoke when they saw their daddy!

Dusty's oysters!!
With only two days left, we packed in the bike riding, dining out and beach time!  Thursday night, we took the kids out for Mexican (their favorite), and then to Rosemary to watch a family movie on the green.  We rode our bikes there (with our beach chairs on our backs), wine packed in a cooler and stored safely in our bike basket, and then spread out, got some popcorn and settled in for another wonderful family night!

Pres and Lucy
Our last day, we got up early for another bike ride, hit the donut truck one last time, got some coffee and then went to the park for the kids to play.  Then we were off to the beach for our final day.  We had our heart set on trying George's for lunch, but we ultimately decided to go there for dinner with the Tanners and Bembrys because we didn't want to come off the beach.  A group of 14 for dinner made us wait some, but we agreed to split up so we could be seated sooner.  The guys took all of the boys and we sat with the girls.  The food was divine, and it was the perfect "last supper" for us!  Afterward, we treated the kids to dessert at the new candy store in Seacrest...Cool Candy. Then we all biked home and took some more photos before turning in for the night.
nothing better than morning bike rides

goofing off at the park

Maddie, B and Mary Case patiently waiting for dinner

William and Preston

Cool Candy Store

Biking in our neighborhood

Final Family Photo
What a WONDERFUL vacation!  We absolutely love our time at the beach, and hope to purchase a home there sometime in the not so far future.  Our kids have really grown to like all of the activities and the food is so ridiculous!  So until July.....

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