Friday, July 19, 2013

Summer Fun

Midway through the summer, and we have been successful knocking out items on our wish list of activities.  Between camps, we have tried to have fun, and here are a few photos to prove it!

Sleepover with cousin Henley

Fun with friends

Hanging out with Poppy
Jumping on new trampoline

Baking me a birthday cake

Goofing off

Fun at the zoo!

Visiting traveling dino exhibit at zoo
Swimming with friends
Fishing with Daddy

Watch and read for more to come....

Monday, July 8, 2013

A Rainy Independence Day Weekend

As the long 4th of July weekend approached, we kept reading the weather forecast about scattered showers.  We knew there was potential for bad weather (which makes enjoying the lake tough), but it is rare for us to go to the Mizerany's lake house and have everyone up there.  So we went ahead and packed for the long weekend, and decided to play it by ear.  Everyone trickled in Wednesday like we expected.  The kids were able to get in the lake and swim some, and then we had a great dinner.

The festivities and fun started for all of the adults right away (everyone but me, of course).  However, the rain started shortly after.  It then continued to rain about 15 inches of rain over the next day and a half!  There were short periods of time where we got a break, and the kids took advantage of them...swimming, fishing, catching frogs...but they never lasted long enough.
frog catching!

Pres getting ready to fish

Beer Pong....yes, Pres learned how to play
After two days of rain, Bennett and I decided to head back to Birmingham.  As much as I love family, I can't stand being cooped up and feeling trapped.  At least back home, I could knock out little chores, eat out and run errands.  Fortunately, the weather back home was better, so Bennett and I attended a post-Independence day get together with friends and watched them light a bunch of fireworks.  We also enjoyed dinner out, just the two of us.  We snuggled each night, and slept in until 9am both mornings.  It was glorious having a quiet house and a little alone time with my girl.
Bennett with a sparkler
Dinner out with just the girls!
Meanwhile, the boys stayed back and had a great time hanging out with cousins.  Mimi doted on them and they were spoiled in their own kind of way....not cooking nor doing any chores (Steve's perfect weekend). Fortunately for them, the weather cleared up some so they had a ball too.
Pres ninja kicking into the lake
Father-Son bonding!
Overall I think we all had a wonderful weekend, even if we weren't together the entire time.  Here is a pic we took of all of the cousins.