Sunday, August 18, 2013

Ice Skating

As summer wraps up, we are still trying to do some fun activities on our list.  Since we had nothing planned today, we decided to surprise the kids with something skating!  As we pulled into the parking lot, the kids tried to guess where we were: movie theater, museum, who knows.   Once we walked in and showed the kids the ice rink, Preston's face lit up!  He smiled huge and hugged me immediately.  He was super excited!

We got the kids into their skates, and Steve tentatively headed out onto the ice with the kids.  Since I didn't want to risk falling and hurting myself (and the baby), I stayed on the sidelines and took photos and cheered them on. 

At first they were both a little timid and afraid to hurt themselves (they both fell within seconds of hitting the ice), but after 20 minutes they were trying to make it around the rink by themselves.

Pres was soaking wet from falling so many times, but he always had a smile on his face, and he kept getting braver and eventually moved away from the exterior wall.  It took Bennett a little longer to feel that confident, but she got there too.

Fortunately the rink only has open skate for two hours at a time, which ended up being a perfect amount of time for the kids.  Towards the end, Pres took a pretty good fall, banging his head on the ice.  It took him out for about 5-10 minutes, but he was determined to not end on that note, and went back out again before the time was up. 
"Look Mom, I'm not falling"
Fun with Daddy
We then stayed to watch the Zamboni clean the ice before the hockey players came out.  Preston was fascinated by all of the gear and techniques of the hockey players.  We finally convinced them to leave by promising them a bubble bath to relax their little bodies once they got home.
Warming up B in between skating
Bubble Bath (Beckham wanted in so badly)
Today, they have asked several times each when they can go back.  They had a ball!  Looks like we'll be heading back to the rink shortly.

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