Thursday, August 8, 2013


I am over the moon excited to announce our newest addition to our family....Beckham!  After losing Spencer, I mourned him and then just mourned the change to our family without a pet.  Our house was so much quieter, there was no one barking at the front door when I came home, no poop to pick up in the yard, no slobber on my glass doors to wash, and no one to snuggle with when Steve was away traveling.  Many of these things were not appealing to Steve, and he did not want the "burden" of another pet, especially with the baby coming.  But my heart and mind felt differently.

Shortly after we lost Spence, Steve started "the talks" about how we are not getting another dog.  He was really worried that he would be away on a business trip, and he would come home to a new dog.  I tried to explain that I would never change our family like that without discussing it with him first, but I guess he didn't believe me.  We went weeks without a dog, but I just couldn't get over the changes.  So I started browsing the web for local breeders, even completed an application to adopt a weimaraner from the southeast weim rescue, but nothing panned out.

I finally found a couple of litters that were due to go home in the Fall, so I thought I would readdress the topic with Steve.  I explained that he married me when I owned two weims, and he couldn't expect me to go without a dog for a year or two.  Then I rationalized how if we got a puppy now (prior to the baby's arrival), we could get it crate trained and a little older (and hopefully better behaved).  I promised to be the caretaker, and fortunately had two small cheerleaders backing my decision.  He ultimately caved!

Before I sent off any deposits, I did more research.  I guess it was meant to be because the chips fell into place, and I found a breeder an hour away with a litter that was ready to go home late July.  So I packed up the kids one afternoon and we drove over to inspect the mom and dad and puppies.  They were only 4 weeks old, and we fell in love with several.  It was a tough choice, but we finally selected a little male with a white marking on his chest.

He came from a huge litter, and they really all looked the same, but his white marking reminded me of a previous weim I had, Palmer, and he was easy to distinguish from the rest.  Though we could have picked him up at 6 weeks, we knew we were heading to the beach for a week, so the breeder offered to keep him until we returned.

We put a deposit down on him, and drove home discussing names.  We ultimately decided to keep his purchase a secret, as we were afraid everyone would think we were crazy for getting a puppy so soon, and with the baby coming.  The kids did great, and really kept it to themselves.  Over dinner for the next couple of weeks, we discussed potential names.  It was down to Cooper and Beckham, and Pres was adamant about the latter.  Though the surprise was ruined at the beach (thanks to Pres) worked out perfectly.

When we departed the beach on Saturday, we drove straight to Tuscaloosa to pick him up.  He was the last puppy there, and looked pitiful in the pen by himself.  We immediately kissed him and Bennett was anxious to hold him on the way home.  I didn't want to fight my own daughter to hold him, but believe me....I wanted too.

Once we got home, we played with him in the backyard and let him inspect his new home.  He was introduced to a few folks, and then we got settled into a new routine.  The first night was rough, as he didn't like his kennel, nor being left by himself in the laundry room.  But once we moved his kennel into our bedroom, he began sleeping better. 

We are almost at a week now, and he has learned to enjoy his kennel, well maybe not "enjoy," but he doesn't whine when he is in there like he did initially.  He does awesome holding it at night, only getting up once.  Now if we can just get him into a similar routine for the day....

Pres cuddling him on his dog bed
Unfortunately, Beckham hasn't learned to fully empty his bladder when he is let out.  He will go a little EVERY time we let him out, even if it is every 30 minutes.  We thought about keeping him inside for longer stretches, but then accidents were happening.  Frustrated, but I knew this would happen, so I am trying to be patient.  Supposedly, puppies can only hold it for as many months that they are, plus three hours for him currently.  He is definitely doing that at night, so perhaps when he is just takes more time.

Bennett has been a GREAT help with him.  She takes him out right when she wakes up, watches him closely so he doesn't potty inside, and takes over whenever I am doing something else.  Preston, on the other hand, doesn't like any responsibility. 

Even Steve fell in love with the little guy

He is definitely feeling more comfortable here though, and has won all of our hearts.  We now look forward to getting through the next two months, when he will be fully vaccinated and we can take him on walks to burn off this energy.

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Chelsea said...

Oh, you are one brave girl and what a great hubby to agree to it! You will have a few more months to hopefully get that potty business under control before the next family member arrives! :)