Sunday, August 4, 2013

One Last Beach Trip

The kids LOVED the private pool!
Our family has had an awesome year, traveling to the beach several times so far, but we had one last hurrah planned with my family!  It was a trip that we had been looking forward to all summer long.  We were going with my brother and his family, as well as my parents.  Though we were going much later in the summer than I would choose, it was my parents first real trip to panhandle and we wanted to make sure they had a fabulous time.

Brian and Lucy doing the "linebacker"
Steve and I researched homes all along 30A, and ultimately selected a home one street away from Rosemary Beach (our favorite area).  It was about 1.5 blocks off the beach, so an easy walk for all of us and was a very short bike ride to all of our favorite restaurants, bars, parks and activities!  The house had four bedrooms, all with attached baths, two living spaces, a huge wrap around deck and a private it worked out perfectly for our growing family.

Unfortunately, it has been a very wet summer, so we didn't know what to expect from a weather aspect.  However, mother nature spared us, and it only rained a half a day and sprinkled a little a couple other days.  In addition, the water was awesome all week, with the exception of one day.
Brian holding one of our crabs
Kids crabbing...catching little ones with their hands!

We started our trip with an awesome shrimp boil!  We even had special matron of honor, Kris Viguerie, and her family.  It was awesome to see her after several years, and for us to meet each other's children.
Kris and me with our kids

The best part of our trip is just being together and watching all of the kids together.  They really love each other.  As they get older, I see more and more similarities between them too.  Pres and Christian are such competitive, active little boys.  And Bennett and Henley couldn't be more different from them.  They are both more dramatic, and little caregivers to each other and Lucy.

The kids at the Sugar Shak!
Two cuties!
Fun on the Beach...notice the mermaid tales?
Splash pad!
Nighttime fun!
Steve, my engineer, loves to build sand castles with the kids
Playing games on the iPads
The girls...two peas in a pod

Nene and Poppy with their grandchildren

Steve's goal was to hold Lucy without her crying
Showing me their tongues after snow cones

Body surfing

Date night at Caliza

Inspecting the hermit crabs we caught
Last night, family dinner

We started most days with a morning bike ride, and then headed to the beach.  The kids alternated between the pool and beach, but it never was a problem since we had so many adults.  We visited area parks, went crabbing, hunted shells, built sand castles, road waves, did a lot of swimming, played games, went out to eat a few nights and visited sno-balls, the sugar shak and cool candy...the kid's favorite dessert hangouts.  We packed a lot in for seven days, and our kids were exhausted when they came home.

Thank you to my parents for an awesome trip!
our only family pic, not good, but it will do

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Chelsea said...

How fun! Looks like a great trip and the perfect house for your crew. Had to laugh about Brian and the linebacker. Of course he'd pass this tradition on to his kids! haha