Monday, August 19, 2013

Welcome to the 1st Grade!

"Sweet Dreams"
It is hard to believe, but Bennett entered the first grade this year!  She grew up a lot this summer, and was looking forward to her new adventure.  We attended "Meet the Teacher" last week (I forgot to take a photo of her with Ms. Werner), and she received a packet of information from her teacher.  Included was this sweet little note that she was to open last night.
As expected for the first day of school, Bennett slept later than she has for the past several weeks, and required me to wake her up at 7:00 so she could get ready in time.  We made it out the door in time, and arrived at Shades Cahaba early so she could pose for several photos.

With friends, Mary Martin and Harper (who is in her class this year)

And as we did last year, here are several of the little brothers who will all be going to kindergarten at SCE next year!

George, Luke, Pres and Batch

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