Saturday, September 14, 2013

Chuck E. Cheese Birthday Party!

As Preston's birthday approached, we began talking to him about what he wanted to do for his birthday.  Initially, he couldn't decide, but he ultimately decided to have his party at Chuck E Cheese!  Since we knew the kids would receive hand stamps on their way into the facility that match ours, we thought we could handle it if it was a drop-off we went with it.

The shark fin he wanted to wear all day!
After shark week aired on television, Pres was obsessed with sharks and wanted the party to have a shark theme.  He began circling items in the Oriental Trading magazine, and chose exactly what would go in the goody bags.  He also knew he wanted a shark on his cake, and a piñata (what four year old is so choosy?).  Unfortunately, Chuck E Cheese doesn't allow piñatas, so we had the children back to our house afterward to break it open.  Between Pres and I, we had the party planned and hoped it would go smoothly.

This morning, all of the Homewood kids were dropped off at our house, and we shuttled them all to the restaurant, and were amongst the first ones to arrive.  We pretty much had the place to ourselves for the first hour, so things went smoothly as the kids played the arcade games.  The second half of the party involved the kids eating their pizza, Chuck E Cheese singing "Happy Birthday" to Preston and then the cutting of the cake.  At the end, we cashed in all of the kid's tickets and let them choose their prizes.  We left shortly after noon with the kids and headed back to our house.  Here are photos of our fun at the restaurant:
Pres with William Tanner
Hen and Bennett
Steve showing Pres how to play
George Brockwell and Batch Bennett
Banks Harmon
Giving Chuck E some love!
Luke Serotsky trying to win more tickets
My "mama's boy"
Preston's Cake

Pres in ticket blaster!
tickets were even in his goggles!
All the kids before we left (minus Banks)!
Steve strung up the piñata, and let Preston take three swings at it first.  Then each child got one good whack at it, with the last one leaving a good dent in it.  We looped back around to Preston, and with that swing, he took it down and it broke open.  The kids were like sharks with all of the candy, quickly loading up their bags (and eating some of it).  Once it was all collected off the driveway, we loaded them up and returned them to their respective homes.
Before the piñata!
Pres had the lucky shot at the end!
Lil sharks attacking their prey
Pres with his loot!
It ended up being a great party, and Preston received some awesome birthday gifts from his buddies.  When Steve asked him if he had fun, he said it was "the best day ever."  So if the birthday boy is happy, we are happy!  Happy 5th Birthday to our little man!

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