Thursday, September 5, 2013

Pregnancy Update!

Time seems to be flying by for everyone, but me.  Since we found out we were pregnant at 3 weeks and a couple of days, it has been a loooong pregnancy.  At first it was nice to have the weekly ultrasounds and monitor baby Mizerany's growth.  But since being released to my regular OB, things have changed, and I now go monthly.  I guess I should be happy that we aren't required to go more frequently, because that would be a sign of trouble.  However, I am ready for the end of the year to be here already!

We are officially 23 weeks and a couple of days along, and I am definitely showing!  I have been out of my regular pants for weeks, and have been able to maintain an average weight gain thus far (up 12 pounds to date).  I am still working out about 5 days a week, but am definitely slowing down.  We are feeling lots of activity from this little one.  In fact, Steve and the kids felt the baby move a couple of weeks ago.  I am still thinking we have a little boy in there, but who knows.  Several other girls in the area that are due in January are all having girls, so it makes me second guess myself some since they usually come in packs.
Baby at 15 weeks (they changed due date after ultrasound); July 11th
15.5 weeks (July 14th)

23 weeks, 2 days (Sept 5th)
Baby Miz sucking thumb, 23 wks, 2 days

We are still working on the nursery and preparing every way we can for this baby, without knowing what it is.  We have restocked the necessary items that I had previously sold, and are slowly getting ready.  Hopefully by the beginning of November the nursery will be ready to go, diapers will be bought and neutral baby clothes will be washed and put away. 

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Chelsea said...

You look great! The pic from the front, you look like all belly, not swelling on the sides at all ;) The working out is helping I'm sure...and not wolfing down ice cream like I did. Glad it's going well!