Tuesday, September 3, 2013

We Got the Spirit!

Last spring I signed Bennett up for cheerleading.  She got fitted over the summer, and received her uniform in August.  Practices started shortly thereafter, but tonight was her first football game.  This sport is a short time commitment, ending at the end of October.  However, she has games and/or practices two times a week.

Bennett has been really enjoying it, and though she was a bit nervous for her first game...she did great!  They cheered for the first half, did their halftime dance routine and cheered for the rest of the game.  What made it more special for her was having all of us there, in addition to Mimi, Papa and Uncle Dan!  What a great fan club!

cheering during first half
walking onto the field for halftime show
being introduced by name at halftime
dance routine (they were all slightly off beat)
"biggest cookie" cheer
having fun with megaphones at the end of the game
Bennett's fan club!

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Chelsea said...

How cute! She looks so happy, posing in her little cheer suit. She looks like one of the younger ones?