Sunday, October 27, 2013

Carving the Pumpkins!

For the past couple of years, Steve has carved pumpkins for the kids.  They are pretty easy to please, but he has always had trouble with standard kitchen tools.  So this year, I bought a carving kit to make it a little easier for him.  Enclosed with it were several stencils for ideas.  Of course the kids got ahold of those and picked which ones they wanted Daddy to make for them....and they weren't the easiest ones.

Once Steve got the tops cut, he handed the pumpkins over to the kids to clean out.  Like last year, they wanted nothing to do with cleaning out the guts.  It is just "too slimy" for them.  So once again, I cleaned them out.  Since there were so many pumpkin seeds, we decided to roast them for a little snack.

The kids hung around while Steve worked on Preston's pumpkin...a Cyclops.  However, they quickly bored and moved into the living room to watch TV while Steve's hands cramped up and he kept carving Bennett's pumpkin..."Enter if You Dare."

Showing off Preston's pumpkin
Bored already...


Thursday, October 10, 2013

Off to Old Baker Farm with Preston

Today I had the privilege of going on Preston's first field trip of 5K - Old Baker Farm.  He has been looking forward to it for several days, and thankfully, we had a beautiful day.  I drove a carful of kids and Preston's teacher, Ms. Cassie.  We started the day visiting the baby cows, and watching them feed on giant bottles of milk.

my little hotshot

Then we took a potty break and let the kids unwind a little on the swing set, before going on a hayrack ride to the pumpkin patch.  Every guest gets to choose a pumpkin, but they are all smaller.  However, leave it up to Pres to find the biggest one in the entire field, by a long shot!

Maddox, Pres and Luke K.
We finally made it back to the barn where we enjoyed a quick lunch before visiting more farm animals.  The kids learned a little about each one, and got to pet them.  Finally the kids went through the hay maze (Pres was the first one out)!
Ms. Cassie's class of boys
Pres with Ethan
Love hanging with my boy!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Happy 42nd Birthday Steve!

Kadie, me & Lauren
Unlike me, Steve actually enjoys his birthday.  So I decided to try out a new restaurant in town the weekend before Steve's big day, and I invited some of our friends to join us.  We had a great group celebrating, and I laughed so hard my cheeks hurt!  The restaurant ended up just being mediocre, but we still had fun being together and telling stories.

Tonight, on his actual birthday, we watched one of Preston's soccer games and then hit a local Mexican place for a late dinner.  Our whole family loves Mexican food, so it is always an easy choice for us.

Steve with Brian J, Brian T, Michael & Ashley
This Saturday, we are sending the kids to his parents for another sleepover so we can have one day/night away from the kids before we add a third one to the mix.  We plan to do a little clothes shopping for Steve, Christmas shopping for the family, and then hunker down at a local spa for a few hours and enjoy some relaxation.  Finally, we look forward to going to our favorite local eatery, Gian Marcos, for some yummy Italian food and Alabama football!! 

Though Steve has a tough week at work, I hope he has enjoyed his week long birthday celebration!  He certainly deserves it, as he works so hard to provide all of us with the comforts of life.  We love you honey and wish you only the best!

Cheers to another awesome year Miz!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

AL vs. GA St - Homecoming Game!

At the beginning of this football season, Steve vowed to take the kids to their first Alabama football game.  We decided that Homecoming would be the perfect game since there would be a parade, inflatables on the quad and hopefully lots of our friends with their kids.

However, when the game time (11:20am), and then parade time (7am) were announced....we thought about changing our minds.  We ultimately decided to go for it though, even though Bennett wasn't getting home until 9:30am from her night in Atlanta at the American Girl store with Brian and Henley.  When Bennett got home, we had her change, and we hit the road.

As soon as we parked the car, we walked into the stadium for kick-off.  The Mizeranys have fabulous tickets, but they are in the sun.  And wouldn't you know, mother nature gave us a record-breaking hot day for Oct 5th!  Though the kids were treated to ice cream immediately by their Uncle Dan, it was hard to ward off the sweat.  In between wiping our faces and taking breaks in the shady breezeway, we watched Alabama kick Georgia State's bootie.  Surprisingly the kids made it through the third quarter (all of the trips to the concession stand certainly helped).  In fact, I think they could have made it the entire game, but I was ready to call it since it was a blowout game and I was done sitting in my pool of sweat.

Following the game, we met Sara at the Chi O house for a quick tour and a break in the air conditioning.  We waited out the 4th quarter there before meeting everyone else back at the tailgate.  We spent the remaining couple of hours relaxing under the tent, eating some more food and hanging with the family.  It was a great day, regardless of the heat, and I think the kids had fun at their first football game.