Sunday, October 27, 2013

Carving the Pumpkins!

For the past couple of years, Steve has carved pumpkins for the kids.  They are pretty easy to please, but he has always had trouble with standard kitchen tools.  So this year, I bought a carving kit to make it a little easier for him.  Enclosed with it were several stencils for ideas.  Of course the kids got ahold of those and picked which ones they wanted Daddy to make for them....and they weren't the easiest ones.

Once Steve got the tops cut, he handed the pumpkins over to the kids to clean out.  Like last year, they wanted nothing to do with cleaning out the guts.  It is just "too slimy" for them.  So once again, I cleaned them out.  Since there were so many pumpkin seeds, we decided to roast them for a little snack.

The kids hung around while Steve worked on Preston's pumpkin...a Cyclops.  However, they quickly bored and moved into the living room to watch TV while Steve's hands cramped up and he kept carving Bennett's pumpkin..."Enter if You Dare."

Showing off Preston's pumpkin
Bored already...


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