Thursday, October 10, 2013

Off to Old Baker Farm with Preston

Today I had the privilege of going on Preston's first field trip of 5K - Old Baker Farm.  He has been looking forward to it for several days, and thankfully, we had a beautiful day.  I drove a carful of kids and Preston's teacher, Ms. Cassie.  We started the day visiting the baby cows, and watching them feed on giant bottles of milk.

my little hotshot

Then we took a potty break and let the kids unwind a little on the swing set, before going on a hayrack ride to the pumpkin patch.  Every guest gets to choose a pumpkin, but they are all smaller.  However, leave it up to Pres to find the biggest one in the entire field, by a long shot!

Maddox, Pres and Luke K.
We finally made it back to the barn where we enjoyed a quick lunch before visiting more farm animals.  The kids learned a little about each one, and got to pet them.  Finally the kids went through the hay maze (Pres was the first one out)!
Ms. Cassie's class of boys
Pres with Ethan
Love hanging with my boy!

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