Saturday, November 30, 2013

She Did it Again!

So proud of Bennett, who donated 10 inches of her hair to Locks of Love again!  She did it the first time back in July 2011 (when she was only 3 years old).  This time she certainly understood it more, and though she agreed to do it, she has been a little wishy-washy about when that would occur.  She loves her long hair, but hates the work that goes into keeping it up (conditioning it, brushing it often because it gets tangled so easily, blow drying it, which takes a long time, and wearing it up most of the time since it is in her face.

After explaining that the sooner she cuts it, the sooner it grow back....she decided to go forth with it today. She does enjoy wearing it up sometimes, and I forecasted it would be long enough for pigtails by summer, maybe even by spring break!  She was a little grumpy during the process (only posing for pictures with a lot of begging from me), but she broke down when she got home.  Steve and Preston both told her how pretty she looked, but she didn't like all of the attention and compliments, and cried for a bit.  However, when we went over to Louis and Michelle's this afternoon and they didn't say a whole lot about it, except how cute it looked...she bounced back.

In fact, tonight she has been caught looking in the mirror at herself, and she told me she is excited about not having to condition her hair all of the time.  She is certainly getting used to it now, as I knew she would.  Her new sassy bob suits her perfectly!

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