Friday, November 22, 2013

Squeezing It All In!

34 weeks!
We are in the final weeks of this pregnancy, and with the holidays rapidly approaching...we are trying to squeeze a lot into a small amount of time.  Of course Christmas shopping has been a priority for me this year, and I am happy to report that I am almost finished (personal record to be this close).  In addition, I have been busy getting the nursery ready, and just doing other "nesting" activities around the house.

Lastly, I am trying to enjoy my final weeks with just two kids.  Though I keep telling them that things are going to change when the baby gets here, I am not sure they get it yet.  So, I took advantage of a scheduling problem Steve and I had today, and set aside a date with each child.

Every year Preston's school hosts a Thanksgiving Feast for all of the kids and their parents.  Every family brings a side dish, and the school provides the turkey.  Since we have had a child at this school, I have NEVER participated in this activity.  I have a problem eating mass produced food, and food prepared by people that I don't know (I mean who knows if they washed their hands, or if their cat was on the counter when they were making their dish?  GROSS!).  Steve has always taken one for the team for this activity, but that didn't happen today because he was playing golf.  So rather than sit through an unappetizing meal watching my picky son eat peanut butter crackers, I checked him out and took him to McDonald's.  I know you may be questioning my reasoning...I mean it is fast food that is mass produced by god knows who, but it is better than canned turkey and random I got to hang with my boy for about an hour uninterrupted.

After our quick lunch date, I returned him to school so I could get my hair cut and colored one last time before this baby arrives (priorities people).  Following that appointment, I hightailed it back to Bennett's school to pick her up, and then over to Preston's school to pick him up.  We ran a couple of errands, and then met Steve back at the house.  He and Pres were meeting a friend and his son for some guy's time, while Bennett and I had a date.

I wanted to take her for a real pedicure, and then out for dinner.  This place has the little kid chairs so the girl's feet can easily reach the water, along with DVD players to keep them entertained.  Bennett selected her color, was offered a juice box, and got comfortable in her fancy chair.  She was fascinated with the bath salts while her feet soaked, laughed when they filed her nails (she is ticklish), and thoroughly enjoyed her leg massage.  She felt and looked like such a big girl  After her pedicure, we went out for pizza, where we colored and chatted before our dinner arrived.

It really was a nice day, and a great way to hang with the kids individually.  They each thrive with that quality alone time.  Five and a half more weeks to go for this family of four!

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