Friday, November 29, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013!

At the beginning of the year, we had planned to revisit the beach this week.  However, our plans changed as my pregnancy progressed.  Since we are just five weeks out, and I am quite uncomfortable on a bike, we decided we needed to postpone our visit for next year.  So as the long weekend approached, Steve and I began making plans for our family.

We decided we would try and volunteer on Thanksgiving morning.  Unfortunately, many places prefer not to have young children.  However, we finally found an opportunity to serve...Beloved Community Church in Avondale was making sack lunches for local people that had to work on Thanksgiving.  We all went there and filed into an assembly line.  Steve was helping to make the sandwiches, I bagged them and a variety of desserts and our kids were "runners" that collected what we were making and stuffing them in the bags.  Along with a variety of other volunteers, we made about 150 lunches, and then went out and delivered them to the local businesses.  We hit a gas station, CVS and grocery store, and everyone was shocked and so appreciative.  It was such a nice way to spend a couple hours, and I think the kids really enjoyed it.

Following that we headed over to Mimi and Papa's house to stuff ourselves.  As always Myra provided a nice spread of food, and it was so nice not to cook.  Sadly this pregnancy has really zapped my lack of enthusiasm for cooking, leaving my family bored with the same simple items and leftovers.  I think we all welcomed the opportunity to enjoy a real meal that wasn't had at a restaurant.

Bennett suggested that we all take turns saying what we are thankful for this year, which was nice coming from our six year old (who is thankful for God by the way).  It was just us, Steve's parents and Dan, but after a few hours, Louis and Michelle and the kids came over.  Bennett and Preston love spending time with their cousins, so they had a blast.  In fact, we all enjoyed visiting for a couple of hours, but our kids began fading, so we took our cue and headed home.

What a nice, relaxing Thanksgiving (even though we weren't at the beach).

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