Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Years Eve!

Dr. Przybysz checking on us
Tuesday (New Years Eve), started off great!  We had a quiet morning with Walker, and then all of our immediate family visited in the afternoon.  Even though Steve and I didn't sleep well, we were riding on an emotional high most of the day.  Walker did great nursing, and was wetting more than enough diapers.  Our pediatrician said he looked "perfect," and my OB said my sutures looked good.

Though Walker wasn't even a day old yet, I began asking to be discharged on Wednesday.  Though I knew I would still be sore and in some pain the next day, sleeping in my own bed and being with all of our kids at home is much better than staying in the hospital.

Both doctors thought that wouldn't be a problem, so I was happy.  The Banta's arrived first, and all of the kids wanted a turn holding Walker, even little Lucy.  In fact, she was very jealous when her mommy was holding Walker and not giving her the attention.  She stuck out her bottom lip and got teary-eyed...it was adorable. 

Lucy pouting
look how much I have changed!

By the time it was her turn, she was more than ready.  She did great, and we snapped this adorable picture with all four of them.  After they left, our kids arrived with my folks.  They were both anxious to hold Walker, but Preston was more excited about the toy we promised he could pick out that afternoon.  Though Christmas had just passed, we thought the kids would be a little jealous of the attention the baby would get, so we told them they could get a small toy of their choice.  This made Preston's day, and was all he would talk about it.

sweet brothers bonding
little momma in the making, a few tears don't bother her
Though Preston was ready to leave for Toys R Us shortly after he arrived, Bennett wanted to stay longer and hang out with Walker.  So, they were still there when Goo and Shell came by.  Since Michelle had to work on Monday, and never made it by, she and Louis came that afternoon. 

Then Steve's parents stopped by for a visit.  Myra was anxious to hold Walker, but Papa decided he would wait until he came home to hold him.

When Preston couldn't wait any longer for his trip to the store, Steve left with my parents to take the kids there, and then go grab dinner.  I used the break from everyone to catch a little nap with Walker.  So by the time Steve returned that evening, I was feeling much better.  He brought back a couple of miniatures of bourbon for him to ring in the new year, and a small bottle of champagne for me.  What we didn't realize was that the champagne was cheap (and bad tasting), as well as flat (due to its age), but we toasted each other and Walker's arrival with the hospital's Styrofoam cups anyway.  Surprisingly, we both were awake when the clock hit midnight, so we kissed each other and little Walker. 

Wow, what a year 2014 will be!!

Monday, December 30, 2013


The day FINALLY came when we got to meet the little person who has been stirring in my belly for the past 9 months!  The final days leading up to the delivery seemed to drag on endlessly, but Monday finally arrived and we were ready!  Since the C-section was scheduled for 12:30 PM, we were able to sleep in (yeah, right), and leisurely get ready.  We left for the hospital at 10:15, and arrived promptly by 10:30.

Things couldn't have gone better that morning, we immediately went to a room where I was hooked up to a monitor and began the paperwork process.  Just hearing the baby's heartbeat made me begin to relax...I knew the baby was okay and I was in a hospital full of talented people that could help me if something changed.  While we waited, Steve and I tried to finalize the girl's name, just in case.  Then my OB and Anesthesiologist stopped by to check on me, and before I knew it, things started moving quickly.  Steve got dressed in his scrubs, and I was wheeled back to the operating room.  I got my spinal block (which always makes me cry because I get scared), and then oxygen, and then they started cutting.  Steve was brought in, and before I knew it...we heard crying!  That sound is always music to my ears, and that is when the tears started to flow.  The OB announced it was a BOY (which I felt it was from the very beginning), so it was just perfect.

He weighed 7lbs 13oz, was 20 inches long and otherwise just perfect!  They allowed me to hold him right away, and then he was whisked away to get cleaned up, weighed and footprints done.  While he was having all of that done, we all waited around for the general surgeon to arrive to repair my umbilical hernia.  She finally showed up, did her surgery in about 5 minutes and then the OB closed me up.  When we finally got settled in our room, I was able to nurse and just cuddle Walker Joseph Mizerany for a few minutes before all of our family arrived. 

Steve and I decided we wanted to involve just Bennett and Preston first, so he brought them in to look at him, and told them what we were going to do to find out if "the baby" was a boy or a girl....which was to have the kids open his diaper and do the big reveal when everyone was in the room.

quiet time before everyone arrived

Daddy grabbing the big kids

All of the kids patiently waiting
first photo of our three kids!

pulling back the diaper....
Everyone shouted, and the kids were all excited.  Henley had bet Shannon that it was a boy, so she was happy because she won a dollar!  Our family all thought it was a boy, so the kids weren't too surprised.  Everyone wanted a turn holding him, but it was a little chaotic with everyone there, so a few people took the initiative, and everyone else left for the day with promises to return on Tuesday.
Bennett did not want to go, and insisted on staying all afternoon.  She ate dinner with us, and finally was brought home by Lauren Tanner after her visit that night.  Here are pics from Walker's first day:
Pres already sick of the crying 

Steve changing the first meconium diaper!
Welcome to the family Walker!  Words cannot express how much we love you already.  We have been praying for you before your conception, and we are so blessed to finally have you in our lives! 

Our Family of Five!

Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas Day!

Kids on Christmas morning
After going to bed late, we decided to reset the kid's clock an hour early (to keep them in bed longer).  As most people know, they are early risers....especially Preston, and we wanted a shot at sleeping a little later on Christmas morning (call it a present to ourselves).  We gave them the usual threats about not coming down until 6:00, and they actually stayed in their room until 6:45AM.  They would have stayed in there longer, but they heard us stirring and then noticed the clock in the other room was an hour later.  Oops.

Anyway, we let them come down, and then waited for my folks to join us before they were allowed to see what Santa brought them.  Thankfully, for Preston's sake....Santa considered him to be on the "nice list," and left him three presents.
Preston's 3 Santa Gifts
Bennett's 3 Santa Gifts
Round 2 of Christmas
After the kids opened all of the presents we gave them, we cleaned up and enjoyed breakfast.  They even had time to enjoy some of their gifts before Brian and Shannon and the kids made it over for our third and final round of Christmas.  Once again, as you would expect with five young children, it was mass chaos.  Shannon and I tried to keep up with who got what and from whom, but it proved to be a challenge.  They were all opening presents as fast as they could find ones with their names on it.

Lucy loved her new motorized car!
Sweet cousins
Lucy would only allow someone in HER car if she road with them

Once again we finished fairly quickly, so we cleaned up the mound of wrapping paper and let the kids play.  It was a beautiful day so the kids were able to play outside on the swingset some while the adults sipped on some beverages and enjoyed a couple appetizers.  We agreed to have a late meal, which allowed ample time for the guys to fry up the turkey.  We all finally sat down around 4:30 for a delicious meal of turkey, stuffing (the Midwest kind), mashed potatoes, grilled asparagus, rolls and pumpkin pie for dessert.  It was a feast!

Following dinner, the kids, who can never get enough of each other, sat outside on the deck eating popcorn and watching a movie.  However, little Lucy was getting tired, and all of us had had a long day (on top of going to bed late the night before), so we finally called it around 8pm.  It was a great day of "family time."
Best attempt at a group shot

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Eve 2013

As we do every year, this Christmas Eve we attended the family friendly service at our church where the children are invited to participate in the Christmas Story.  Preston was Joseph, and Bennett was  Mary.  Following the service, we took communion and went over to Steve's parent's for our family celebration.  After everyone arrived and got changed into their pajamas, the kids began begging to open presents, so we got started.  Though there was a mountain of loot under the tree, it quickly dissipated...and we were left with several bags of wrapping paper and individual piles of gifts. 

Bennett and Maria snuggling
Pres and Sara snuggling
Bennett all smiles after opening AG doll, Saige
One of Preston's favorite gifts...a darth vader mask
The kids with Mimi and Papa
All of the cousins in their PJ's
Uncle Dan with his nieces and nephews
After all of the excitement calmed down, the kids began playing with a few of their gifts.  My parents even made it over for a cocktail after their Flemings dinner with Brian's family and the Murphys.  We did a photo with the kids and BOTH grandparents, and then headed home to put out the reindeer food and cookies for Santa.

It was about 10:30 before the kids hit the sack, and they were exhausted and ready.  Steve and I brought up the family's gifts, and after we went to sleep....Santa came!