Monday, December 2, 2013

Kicking off the Christmas Season!

With the long Thanksgiving weekend, we packed it in!  Steve came home early on Wednesday, and had Friday off, so we had Daddy around for 4.5 days, and we got spoiled!  We kicked off the long weekend meeting Steve for lunch on Wednesday.  The kids always love Mexican food, so we met at La Paz in Hoover, which was something different for them.  That night, we cuddled in our bed and watched TV.

Thanksgiving morning we got up and went to the Beloved Community Church to help make sack lunches for area folks who had to work on Thanksgiving, then headed to his parent's house for our feast.  We hung out all day so we could see Louis and Michelle and the kids, so the kids were worn out. 

On Friday, we were lazy initially, but decided to hit Lowes to buy our Christmas trees.  We elected to go with a real tree this year since the kids are older, and we love the smell they put off.  However, once we got it home and up, Preston started sneezing.  Since we'll have the baby next year who will just be starting to walk, we'll be forced to go back to the artificial one...which will probably be a good thing for my

My favorite ornament

little man anyway.  Later that morning, I had a massage, and when I came home our outside tree was up and lit and the indoor tree was up.  We ate a quick lunch, and then went to see "Frozen" at the theater with the kids (cute movie).  Afterward, Steve worked on getting all 2000 lights on our monster!  It took him awhile, but he did a great job!  Then Bennett and I hung all of the ornaments that night.  We think the finished product looks beautiful!

Saturday, of course, was the Iron Bowl.  We had a very lazy morning watching college game day and doing laundry, but then we finally showered and headed over to watch the game with Louis and Michelle and some other folks (after Bennett's big haircut).  As we all was a nail biter of a game, where we lost in the very last second of the game, literally.  UGH!  It was a painful way to end the season for us, but Alabama didn't play well.  After the game ended, the kids and I went home.  Steve, however, decided to tie one on with his brother and talk football for another several hours.

Sadly on Sunday morning, we skipped church and elected to finish up some loose ends around the house.  I hit the grocery store, while Steve finished outside Christmas decorations.  He then ran to Lowes for more items we needed, while I mowed the lawn and the kids played in the backyard.  After a much needed shower, the kids and I went to church to make our advent candle.  We're not very creative, but I think it turned out well.  That night we had another quiet evening, eating dinner and snuggling in bed (the kid's new favorite thing to do...snuggling in OUR bed with all five of us).  Pres, Steve and Beckham were snoring within minutes, while Bennett and I watched some TV.

As it always turns out...all good things must come to an end.  So here's to making it through a crazy few weeks of weekly doctor appointments, school, work and Christmas parties before Christmas gets here in 23 days, with baby following 5 days later!!

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