Tuesday, December 3, 2013

More Christmas Celebrations

Lately it has been rainy, but since the clouds parted for the night - we decided to take the kids to the lighting of the Homewood star.  We thought it would be a rather quick thing, but the middle school choir sang Christmas carols to kick off the night.  Though it was meant to get us in the spirit, it went a little (too) long, and Preston was the only one who really enjoyed it.  In fact, he kept inching his way (by himself), closer and closer to the choir for prime viewing, until he was just a few feet away.

Daddy's girl always

Following some brief announcements from our mayor, the star was finally lit, and then they started blowing "snow" over downtown Homewood.  It was certainly a cute idea.  Meanwhile kids were lined up for hot chocolate and Christmas cookies.  After enjoying their snack, we spotted Santa walking around so we approached him for a quick picture.

It was a spontaneous night, but it was something that we hadn't done before, so I'm glad we did it.

Not a starry night, but "snow"

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