Monday, December 30, 2013


The day FINALLY came when we got to meet the little person who has been stirring in my belly for the past 9 months!  The final days leading up to the delivery seemed to drag on endlessly, but Monday finally arrived and we were ready!  Since the C-section was scheduled for 12:30 PM, we were able to sleep in (yeah, right), and leisurely get ready.  We left for the hospital at 10:15, and arrived promptly by 10:30.

Things couldn't have gone better that morning, we immediately went to a room where I was hooked up to a monitor and began the paperwork process.  Just hearing the baby's heartbeat made me begin to relax...I knew the baby was okay and I was in a hospital full of talented people that could help me if something changed.  While we waited, Steve and I tried to finalize the girl's name, just in case.  Then my OB and Anesthesiologist stopped by to check on me, and before I knew it, things started moving quickly.  Steve got dressed in his scrubs, and I was wheeled back to the operating room.  I got my spinal block (which always makes me cry because I get scared), and then oxygen, and then they started cutting.  Steve was brought in, and before I knew it...we heard crying!  That sound is always music to my ears, and that is when the tears started to flow.  The OB announced it was a BOY (which I felt it was from the very beginning), so it was just perfect.

He weighed 7lbs 13oz, was 20 inches long and otherwise just perfect!  They allowed me to hold him right away, and then he was whisked away to get cleaned up, weighed and footprints done.  While he was having all of that done, we all waited around for the general surgeon to arrive to repair my umbilical hernia.  She finally showed up, did her surgery in about 5 minutes and then the OB closed me up.  When we finally got settled in our room, I was able to nurse and just cuddle Walker Joseph Mizerany for a few minutes before all of our family arrived. 

Steve and I decided we wanted to involve just Bennett and Preston first, so he brought them in to look at him, and told them what we were going to do to find out if "the baby" was a boy or a girl....which was to have the kids open his diaper and do the big reveal when everyone was in the room.

quiet time before everyone arrived

Daddy grabbing the big kids

All of the kids patiently waiting
first photo of our three kids!

pulling back the diaper....
Everyone shouted, and the kids were all excited.  Henley had bet Shannon that it was a boy, so she was happy because she won a dollar!  Our family all thought it was a boy, so the kids weren't too surprised.  Everyone wanted a turn holding him, but it was a little chaotic with everyone there, so a few people took the initiative, and everyone else left for the day with promises to return on Tuesday.
Bennett did not want to go, and insisted on staying all afternoon.  She ate dinner with us, and finally was brought home by Lauren Tanner after her visit that night.  Here are pics from Walker's first day:
Pres already sick of the crying 

Steve changing the first meconium diaper!
Welcome to the family Walker!  Words cannot express how much we love you already.  We have been praying for you before your conception, and we are so blessed to finally have you in our lives! 

Our Family of Five!

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