Sunday, January 12, 2014

A New Year...Coming Home!

A new year marks the beginning of many resolutions, new goals, new memories and much more.  For us, it marks the beginning of life with three kids.  When Steve and I first got married, we discussed how many children we wanted, and agreed on three.  Sadly, we met later in life, so we weren't young enough to have much more than that.  We agreed to get started on our family right away, and shortly after our first anniversary we welcomed Bennett.  Sixteen months later, we brought home Preston.

Life with two children certainly posed new challenges for us, so we decided to wait until Preston was a year old to begin trying for number three.  Several years later, we were still without, so we sought the help of a fertility doctor and an acupuncturist.  Between the two, we were able to get pregnant, but couldn't carry the baby past a couple of months.  Just when we were ready to throw in the towel, we gave it one more try since we had already purchased the fertility medicine.  And wouldn't you worked!!  The pregnancy went very smoothly, I only gained 21 lbs, and nine months later we welcomed Walker Joseph Mizerany!

On January 1, 2014, we were able to bring Walker home!  So for us, this new year means so much to us.  We have had a long, tough road to get this little guy, but now we are all older and even more appreciative of his existence (if that can happen)....Bennett and Preston included.  They love to hold him, and are big helpers to us.  Everyone was excited when we came home, and our new life of "zone defense" has begun.  My parents agreed to stay and help for another week, so Steve and I were able to relax more and ease into it.

Going home!

welcoming Walker home
Poppy and Walker

The first couple of days, I was pretty sore, but by Saturday...I had rounded the corner with my pain.  In addition, Walker is proving to be a wonderful sleeper!  He has had several long stretches within the first couple of weeks, and has even made it from 10:00PM to 6:30AM one day (yippee)!

We have had many visitors since being home, several baths, newborn photos taken by Lindsey Smith, Walker's one week well visit, and a few outings...all before the two week mark.  Things have been going great, but we have had a lot of nice friends bring us food and offer to help with the big kids, so the transition has been easier.
1st bath at home...not a fan

ready for the AL-OK bowl game
photo we took during newborn session
doesn't Beckham look so regal?
my little helper, she's a great big sister
even Preston likes to feed him
sweet friends, Lily and Kadie Fry

We sure hope things continue to go as well as they have been, and Walker continues to be a great sleeper!  We are all in love with this sweet baby boy.
the first smile we could catch with a camera

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