Monday, January 13, 2014

Big Kids Are Special Too

While my parents were here, they decided to take all of their "big grandchildren" on dates.  Nene took Henley and Bennett to get manis and pedis, followed up with ice cream.  When they finished, they came back here and the girls played with their American Girl dolls.  They had a big time together, as they always do.  They were so cute with their matching nail colors.


The boys, on the other hand, skipped the pampering and chose to attend the monster truck show.  Steve and Brian accompanied them, and the five guys had a blast!  The kids had $12 snow cones in fancy cups and ate popcorn, all while watching huge trucks run over things.

Preston was pumped to see his favorite truck...the Grave Digger!  He even was anxious to tell me about one of the trucks that tipped over, and needed help to get right side up again.

Pres is SO excited about his snow cone

two years in a row for these two

Pres and Christian with Poppy
Thanks Nene and Poppy for such a fun afternoon!  Everyone had a blast, and we all enjoyed hanging out with you.  

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