Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas Day!

Kids on Christmas morning
After going to bed late, we decided to reset the kid's clock an hour early (to keep them in bed longer).  As most people know, they are early risers....especially Preston, and we wanted a shot at sleeping a little later on Christmas morning (call it a present to ourselves).  We gave them the usual threats about not coming down until 6:00, and they actually stayed in their room until 6:45AM.  They would have stayed in there longer, but they heard us stirring and then noticed the clock in the other room was an hour later.  Oops.

Anyway, we let them come down, and then waited for my folks to join us before they were allowed to see what Santa brought them.  Thankfully, for Preston's sake....Santa considered him to be on the "nice list," and left him three presents.
Preston's 3 Santa Gifts
Bennett's 3 Santa Gifts
Round 2 of Christmas
After the kids opened all of the presents we gave them, we cleaned up and enjoyed breakfast.  They even had time to enjoy some of their gifts before Brian and Shannon and the kids made it over for our third and final round of Christmas.  Once again, as you would expect with five young children, it was mass chaos.  Shannon and I tried to keep up with who got what and from whom, but it proved to be a challenge.  They were all opening presents as fast as they could find ones with their names on it.

Lucy loved her new motorized car!
Sweet cousins
Lucy would only allow someone in HER car if she road with them

Once again we finished fairly quickly, so we cleaned up the mound of wrapping paper and let the kids play.  It was a beautiful day so the kids were able to play outside on the swingset some while the adults sipped on some beverages and enjoyed a couple appetizers.  We agreed to have a late meal, which allowed ample time for the guys to fry up the turkey.  We all finally sat down around 4:30 for a delicious meal of turkey, stuffing (the Midwest kind), mashed potatoes, grilled asparagus, rolls and pumpkin pie for dessert.  It was a feast!

Following dinner, the kids, who can never get enough of each other, sat outside on the deck eating popcorn and watching a movie.  However, little Lucy was getting tired, and all of us had had a long day (on top of going to bed late the night before), so we finally called it around 8pm.  It was a great day of "family time."
Best attempt at a group shot

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