Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Years Eve!

Dr. Przybysz checking on us
Tuesday (New Years Eve), started off great!  We had a quiet morning with Walker, and then all of our immediate family visited in the afternoon.  Even though Steve and I didn't sleep well, we were riding on an emotional high most of the day.  Walker did great nursing, and was wetting more than enough diapers.  Our pediatrician said he looked "perfect," and my OB said my sutures looked good.

Though Walker wasn't even a day old yet, I began asking to be discharged on Wednesday.  Though I knew I would still be sore and in some pain the next day, sleeping in my own bed and being with all of our kids at home is much better than staying in the hospital.

Both doctors thought that wouldn't be a problem, so I was happy.  The Banta's arrived first, and all of the kids wanted a turn holding Walker, even little Lucy.  In fact, she was very jealous when her mommy was holding Walker and not giving her the attention.  She stuck out her bottom lip and got teary-eyed...it was adorable. 

Lucy pouting
look how much I have changed!

By the time it was her turn, she was more than ready.  She did great, and we snapped this adorable picture with all four of them.  After they left, our kids arrived with my folks.  They were both anxious to hold Walker, but Preston was more excited about the toy we promised he could pick out that afternoon.  Though Christmas had just passed, we thought the kids would be a little jealous of the attention the baby would get, so we told them they could get a small toy of their choice.  This made Preston's day, and was all he would talk about it.

sweet brothers bonding
little momma in the making, a few tears don't bother her
Though Preston was ready to leave for Toys R Us shortly after he arrived, Bennett wanted to stay longer and hang out with Walker.  So, they were still there when Goo and Shell came by.  Since Michelle had to work on Monday, and never made it by, she and Louis came that afternoon. 

Then Steve's parents stopped by for a visit.  Myra was anxious to hold Walker, but Papa decided he would wait until he came home to hold him.

When Preston couldn't wait any longer for his trip to the store, Steve left with my parents to take the kids there, and then go grab dinner.  I used the break from everyone to catch a little nap with Walker.  So by the time Steve returned that evening, I was feeling much better.  He brought back a couple of miniatures of bourbon for him to ring in the new year, and a small bottle of champagne for me.  What we didn't realize was that the champagne was cheap (and bad tasting), as well as flat (due to its age), but we toasted each other and Walker's arrival with the hospital's Styrofoam cups anyway.  Surprisingly, we both were awake when the clock hit midnight, so we kissed each other and little Walker. 

Wow, what a year 2014 will be!!

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