Saturday, January 18, 2014

Things Continue to Move On...

Shockingly, we are settling into a new normal.  No tardies (yet) for Bennett, beds are getting made (most days), I am keeping up with laundry, and the house looks (key word) pretty clean and straightened.  I kept hearing that something would need to give with three kids, but so far that hasn't been true.  The only thing that has occurred, which happens to everyone when they have a baby, is I am not always able to get out of the door to run errands or go to the gym when I want to, because Walker may be hungry or fussy.  However, he is an awesome baby, and so stinking we aren't too upset about those things.

Bennett and Preston still love to hold and feed him, so that continues to be a huge advantage of having older kids.  Here are a few pictures from the past week or two.

Trying to recreate a photographer's pose...never works out like you think
Hello blue eyes!
Cathy came to meet Walker!
My boys taking a siesta
The kids snuggling in our bed one night
Walker hanging out in his crib, happy

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