Sunday, February 16, 2014

Snowmaggeon II

Who knew that living in Alabama would bring snow days, and 6 of them this year already!!  With the craziness that developed from our last snowfall a couple of weeks ago, I believe the weathermen and school officials are way too cautious.  You see all of our children were out of school for another three days this past week, and all we had was a cold rain for Tuesday and Wednesday.  In fact, the snow didn't even arrive until about 6:30-7:00 on Wednesday night!  I understand it is hard to predict these things, and that their models can change, but that is why I feel they should wait until the morning to cancel school like they did back in my day.  Instead they cancel it the day before, which gets the kids excited, and drives the parents nuts.

Since we all had been a bit stir crazy after hanging close to home for two days in anticipation of the snow, we were all excited to get out and enjoy it.  Fortunately, we had just purchased some used ski gear from someone a couple of hours before it arrived, so the kids geared up and frolicked in it without complaints!  Since we were with friends, we took turns caring for Walker so I could enjoy the snow this time too.

It came down in huge flakes, and was absolutely beautiful.  It was a nice wet snow, perfect for snowmen and snowballs!  The kids tried to sled some, but it was already dark and we thought a little dangerous to venture out.  So instead we all enjoyed throwing snowballs at Beckham who LOVES the snow and tries to jump up and eat every snowball that came his way.  Everyone was outside walking in it, taking photos or just playing in it like us, so it was a fun time.

The next morning, the kids woke up early and hit the backyard with Steve.  Though the temperatures were already starting to warm, the snow was still there due to the shade.  So the kids pulled out the snowman kit they got from their elf and got busy.  Since it wasn't as wet as the night before, it proved to be more difficult to build, but where there is a will...there is way.

Thankfully the snow didn't last long, in fact it was mostly melted by mid afternoon on Thursday.  In my eyes, it is the perfect kind of falls and melts.  You don't have to shovel it, salt sidewalks, or watch it get dirty and gross.

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