Thursday, March 13, 2014

While the Cats Are Away...

...the mice will play.  The weekend that Bennett and I headed to Atlanta, the three boys stayed at home and had a big time!  It was a gorgeous day, so Steve took them to the Chili Cook-off....a great fundraiser for the Exceptional Foundation in Homewood.  There are always friends hosting booths and walking around, and due to the nice weather, this year was no different.

Undivided attention with either of our children, usually results in good behavior, so Preston and Steve had a blast together.  Even though Walker was in tow, he was getting attention from multiple friends, so Pres had fun running around with Steve and others.
what a sport this guy is
Pres goofing off with Lynlee
After the cook-off, the crew walked over to Brio to eat some appetizers and enjoy more of the beautiful day.  Preston played on Ms. Dina's phone, fed the turtles and skipped lunch and went straight to dessert with an ice cream sundae....what a day!

sweet boy loved getting out

enjoying his sundae

Even though I had fun with my sweet girl, I missed my boys.  Thankfully, everyone had a fun, safe weekend!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

American Girl Getaway

Before shopping and lunch
A week ago, Bennett and I were invited to join Maddie and Caroline Tanner (and their mom, Lauren) on a trip to Atlanta to help them celebrate their 6th birthdays!  They had never been to the American Girl Store before, so Lauren wanted it to be special.  She ordered robes for all of the girl's dolls, booked lunch at the store and made hotel reservations. 

leaving the store

As soon as we arrived, Lauren stood in line to make salon appointments for the dolls, while the girls and I strolled around the store.  The birthday girls had money to burn that they received as gifts, and Bennett was more than happy to make suggestions of what to purchase.  Once they had it all picked out, it was time to go eat.  We had a great meal, and then it was time for the dolls to get their hair done.

When we finished up at the store, we checked into our hotel room, and the girls immediately got their bathing suits on.  Lauren and I accompanied them down there, and watched them go from the hot tub to the pool and back again for over an hour.  They had a blast!  As dinner time approached, we suggested we head up to shower so we could go grab a bite to eat.  We ended up at an Italian place, where we enjoyed some wine and a nice fish dinner.  The girls played with their dolls and then the waiter helped them celebrate their birthdays again.

Though we didn't get home until later, the girls weren't tired and wanted to continue playing with their dolls.  They dressed them up, and played together for at least another hour.  Surprisingly Lauren and I were fading faster than them, so we pulled the plug and went to sleep.
before dinner with their dolls (and dogs)
More birthday fun
Girls snug as bugs

The next morning, they played some more while we had a cup of coffee.  We finally headed down to the hotel restaurant to eat breakfast.  Of course the girls wanted to swim again before we left.  When they had done it all twice, they agreed to leave (though I know they all wanted to stay another night).  It was a fun getaway with just Bennett and our friends.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Walker's Baptism

Smiling after his shower before church
Mid February we realized that we hadn't set up Walker's baptism yet.  Since my parents were coming to town at the end of the month, we began looking into holding his baptism during their visit.  The stars aligned and we were able to coordinate his baptism for the early contemporary service, and ALL of our immediate family was able to attend.
Our view from the stage

Walker was a perfect baby during the whole service, including the most important part...when he was on stage.  Nathan Carden performed the service, and then we all sang "Down By the River" while he strolled Walker around the sanctuary.  I cried during the whole thing, but it was so nice to look out and see our family in the first three rows along with many of our friends who made an effort to come to the early service to support us.  It was perfect!

Mizeranys with Nathan Carden
All of our supportive family members
Following church, we invited everyone back to our house for mimosas and brunch.  We served an egg and sausage casserole, ham and swiss sandwiches, chicken salad, fruit and petit fours.  I think we all had a good time, and Walker was passed around from one family member to another the whole time.

To top off the whole day, it was a perfectly sunny day.  Walker wore his great-grandfather's baptism gown (Clegg Walker) that all of our children wore for this special event.  God was definitely present, and has been since his little heart began beating in utero.  Walker brings joy to all our family, and we are all blessed to have him a part of our family.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Daddy Daughter Dance, Second Annual

It is that time of the year again, when all of us with little girls get to help our daughter shop for a fancy new dress and get all dolled up for her biggest date of the year...with her daddy!  Bennett's daddy-daughter dance was this past Saturday night, and she was super excited.  I agreed to buy her "high" heels (only 1/2 inch ones), so when out shopping for a dress, we found her some fun silver ones.  We suggested that she practice walking in them the day before to get comfortable.

Steve wanted it to be a special day for Bennett, so he ordered her a corsage to match her dress.  I painted her nails that afternoon, and then did her hair and make-up.  When she was ready, I tried to fine tune her hair, but couldn't so we called in reinforcement....Sara.  Thankfully, she quickly came right over and did a fun little braid with the front section of her hair to keep it out of her face.  Bennett looked gorgeous, and all grown up! 

Looking all grown up
Rather than go out for a nice dinner, Bennett chose to eat at Dave's Pizza.  So the two left to enjoy a little one on one time.

They finished and headed right over to the dance at 7:00, and danced the night away.  Steve said it was great!  She wanted to hang with him all night, and dance.  He twirled her over and over again, until she was sweaty (just like her mama).

When the dance ended at 8:30, they headed over to Edgewood Creamery for some ice cream.  All and all...another wonderful date for our little girl.  I feel sorry for her boyfriend, because he is going to have some big shoes to fill!
Dinner at Dave's Pizza
twirling so much with her Daddy