Tuesday, March 11, 2014

American Girl Getaway

Before shopping and lunch
A week ago, Bennett and I were invited to join Maddie and Caroline Tanner (and their mom, Lauren) on a trip to Atlanta to help them celebrate their 6th birthdays!  They had never been to the American Girl Store before, so Lauren wanted it to be special.  She ordered robes for all of the girl's dolls, booked lunch at the store and made hotel reservations. 

leaving the store

As soon as we arrived, Lauren stood in line to make salon appointments for the dolls, while the girls and I strolled around the store.  The birthday girls had money to burn that they received as gifts, and Bennett was more than happy to make suggestions of what to purchase.  Once they had it all picked out, it was time to go eat.  We had a great meal, and then it was time for the dolls to get their hair done.

When we finished up at the store, we checked into our hotel room, and the girls immediately got their bathing suits on.  Lauren and I accompanied them down there, and watched them go from the hot tub to the pool and back again for over an hour.  They had a blast!  As dinner time approached, we suggested we head up to shower so we could go grab a bite to eat.  We ended up at an Italian place, where we enjoyed some wine and a nice fish dinner.  The girls played with their dolls and then the waiter helped them celebrate their birthdays again.

Though we didn't get home until later, the girls weren't tired and wanted to continue playing with their dolls.  They dressed them up, and played together for at least another hour.  Surprisingly Lauren and I were fading faster than them, so we pulled the plug and went to sleep.
before dinner with their dolls (and dogs)
More birthday fun
Girls snug as bugs

The next morning, they played some more while we had a cup of coffee.  We finally headed down to the hotel restaurant to eat breakfast.  Of course the girls wanted to swim again before we left.  When they had done it all twice, they agreed to leave (though I know they all wanted to stay another night).  It was a fun getaway with just Bennett and our friends.

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