Monday, March 3, 2014

Daddy Daughter Dance, Second Annual

It is that time of the year again, when all of us with little girls get to help our daughter shop for a fancy new dress and get all dolled up for her biggest date of the year...with her daddy!  Bennett's daddy-daughter dance was this past Saturday night, and she was super excited.  I agreed to buy her "high" heels (only 1/2 inch ones), so when out shopping for a dress, we found her some fun silver ones.  We suggested that she practice walking in them the day before to get comfortable.

Steve wanted it to be a special day for Bennett, so he ordered her a corsage to match her dress.  I painted her nails that afternoon, and then did her hair and make-up.  When she was ready, I tried to fine tune her hair, but couldn't so we called in reinforcement....Sara.  Thankfully, she quickly came right over and did a fun little braid with the front section of her hair to keep it out of her face.  Bennett looked gorgeous, and all grown up! 

Looking all grown up
Rather than go out for a nice dinner, Bennett chose to eat at Dave's Pizza.  So the two left to enjoy a little one on one time.

They finished and headed right over to the dance at 7:00, and danced the night away.  Steve said it was great!  She wanted to hang with him all night, and dance.  He twirled her over and over again, until she was sweaty (just like her mama).

When the dance ended at 8:30, they headed over to Edgewood Creamery for some ice cream.  All and all...another wonderful date for our little girl.  I feel sorry for her boyfriend, because he is going to have some big shoes to fill!
Dinner at Dave's Pizza
twirling so much with her Daddy

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